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Pacific Crest Group was founded by a team of entrepreneurs with solid experience in accounting, finance, and billing administration. We’ve built our business in the San Francisco Bay Area by adding new staff with expertise in human resources and employee development, business development, and information technology.

The Pacific Crest Group work environment is about balance. We work hard, but we also want to enjoy our lives! An open office and a spirit of team work allow us to enjoy the time we spend at work, and group events help us enjoy the real world.

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Pacific Crest Group’s Clients and Testimonials

Pacific Crest Group’s Mission

Our mission is to help your business become more successful in your terms. For some clients, this means dramatic financial growth; for others, it’s about running more efficiently, or focusing on your customers instead of back-office administration.

PCG approaches financial and business management much like doctors treat patients. Certain circumstances call for the resolution of a specific isolated problem, while others require a more holistic approach that considers many aspects of a business’ well being.

We eliminate obstacles to your success—for example, inadequate financial processes or cumbersome IT systems—and to enhance your most valuable resource, the people who work for you.

Beyond our unparalleled competency in accounting and finance, Pacific Crest Group’s real strength lies in our ability to recognize organizational needs and opportunities for improvement. We know how to optimize and integrate your financial procedures, computer systems, and human resources, such that you can focus on what you do best and grow your business to its full potential.

PCG’s Promise


Read more about PCG’s values.

Who PCG Serves

PCG’s clients are typically service businesses with 10 or more employees and $2 to $20 million in annual revenue. They work in a diverse range of industries, including software and high technology, real estate and HOAs, engineering and design, medical practices, multiple-location restaurants, automotive services, and other professional services.

Our ideal clients have a strong vision for growth, the financial resources to invest in their companies, and a willingness to trust an outside expert’s guidance. They are comfortable looking at their own leadership and organizational structure in a constructively critical manner, and see value in improving processes and developing a culture of accountability. They not only want to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their accounting, HR, and IT, but also strongly desire to refocus on the core business activities they personally love—the specialities that prompted them to start their companies in the first place.

If this profile sounds like your business, or you aspire to grow into it, we encourage you to reach out and start a conversation with us.

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