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Read What Our Accounting & Finance Customers Say About Us

“PCG addressed all of our operations, staffing, contracting, planning, accounting, finance, HR and IT business needs – which allowed our management team to focus on our business growth and client projects delivery. In addition, Crimson gained valuable cost savings, the information needed to better manage the business, and the high quality staffing needed to meet our business objectives. PCG solves your business needs in a highly professional and time effective manner”

Glenn Gow, CEOCrimson Marketing

“When we found ourselves in need of help with accounting and other financial services, PCG provided practical solutions that not only filled our immediate need, but improved our operational efficiency overall. Very quickly, PCG became an integral part of our team. The focus they bring on process allowed us to establish clear workflows and procedures that ensure effective oversight while simultaneously streamlining operations. I’d recommend PCG to any business looking for effective accounting, bookkeeping and even higher level financial assistance for maintaining operations and supporting growth.”

Joy Spicer, CEO – Elegrity

“We appreciate all that PCG has done for Little Arrows. Especially Sarah! She has been such a joy to work with! Thank you for your amazing support!”

Rio Helmy, Administrator – Arrows Schools

“The PCG team has been great to work with – responsive, professional and SMART. I can’t recall a single issue that we presented to this team that wasn’t resolved quickly and accurately. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for Crimson.”

Dave Wilson, Managing DirectorCrimson Marketing

“We are very happy with the Pacific Crest relationship and work product. Sarah is terrific to work with and all our needs are being met and exceeded. Thanks very much to the firm and especially Sarah for her thorough eye.”

Julia Ward, Business Manager – Savage Industries

“In the course of an intense due diligence process, Pacific Crest Group quickly became a valued business partner in helping assess and shed light on a complex financial history. They provided accurate and insightful analysis on a quick turn-around while showing creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges. All this was accomplished for a very reasonable budget.

The PCG team continues to be ongoing thought-partners in identifying profit-improvement opportunities, and never fail to deliver ideas. The teams are quick studies – they “get it” first time, and are a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending PCG as a service provider.”

Alastair Dorward, General Manager – Home Consignment Center
(Former Founding CEO, Method Products Inc)

“Pacific Crest Group has been an invaluable partner in our business for over 10 years. During that time our needs have been at times very routine, and at other times complex. PCG has jumped in with extra resources when necessary and then stepped back to a maintenance role as our business needs have changed. We have tried, and I can tell you that we could not scale an in-house accounting/bookkeeping department as cost-effectively as we have been with PCG.

Outsourcing to PCG has been not only cost effective but has also improved the quality of our financial information. For us, accounting is a critical part of performance monitoring. Furthermore, accounting compliance with legal standards gets more complicated every year. Our business is a service business. Having such a responsive partner in accounting has allowed us to focus our internal resources on our core business and made us more profitable.

I highly recommend the strategy as well as Pacific Crest Group to anyone looking for accounting services for
their business.”

John R. Campbell, M.D. Founding PartnerMarinEyes

“I have always prided myself on being prepared for any computer crash by having multiple back-up systems in place. Yet, the unexpected did happen to me and a few months of my financial data got lost because of an undetected configuration error. Fortunately for me, I had an established relationship with the Pacific Crest Group, who had originally helped to get my QuickBooks set up and accounting systems in order. One phone call was all it took for PCG to come to my rescue. Their immediate, clear and calm approach was exactly what I needed to reduce my overwhelming sense of panic. Their assistance was considerate, thorough and professional. What could of been weeks of agonizing work for me was reduced to a few days of friendly, positive companionship with a skilled individual from Pacific Crest Group.”

Jessie Boucher, OwnerJessie et Laurent

“Pacific Crest helped make us a ‘real’ company. The menu of services is very helpful, and we’ve benefited from their expertise in accounting, payroll, IT, and employee development. Most important, PCG’s leaders understand our core business issues quickly, so we can get right to making improvements.”

Neil Stollman – East Bay Center for Digestive Health

“PCG has streamlined our financials by organizing our bookkeeping protocols, financial controls and reports into a single comprehensive manual. Their thorough review of financial reports helps me make sound business decisions and strategically plan for the future.”

“PCG has consistently provided a wide array of financial services for Brand Engine. Whether the challenge is setting up a new financial process or providing in-depth CFO level financial consulting, they have performed at an outstanding level.”

Dave StudemanBrand Engine

“I am thrilled at the effective and reliable systems, people, and tools that PCG has brought into Samovar. Working with PCG has enabled me to focus “on” the business, not working “in” the business. PCG’s involvement and support of my company has enabled me to streamline payroll, A/P, and create performance tracking tools and dashboards of all my business units, allowing me to monitor and manage the business and the people. Their positive and creative perspective, combined with their best practices in bookkeeping, accounting, and finance create a solid and trustworthy relationship that gives me the confidence of having the right team in place, so that I can focus on expanding my company.”

Jesse JacobsSamovar Tea Lounge

“As a branding and design firm, we have historically had huge spikes and valleys in our revenue stream. PCG has helped us to manage this reality by professionalizing our accounting department into one that a multi-million dollar company can truly depend on. Our processes are more consistent and our cash flow is better balanced. In addition, PCG’s CFO services developed a KPI report that improves our budgeting and forecasting, so that we have a firmer grasp of our business model than ever before. Pacific Crest Group is an essential business partner in the growth of our company.”

William V. BurkeBrand Engine

“Pacific Crest Group has provided a fundamental and invaluable service to my clients. Their books are now textbook perfect and I no longer have to worry about getting accurate numbers. This enables me to complete their taxes in a fraction of the time it took before. I highly recommend PCG to any business that seeks a professionally managed accounting system.”

“PCG has guided us from start-up mode to professional business with accurate books and projections. Their CFO-like approach allows me to focus on running our practice. And best of all, at our one year anniversary, both billing charges and patient volume are up!”

“Pacific Crest Group is very knowledgeable, efficient, and trust-worthy. They got us on track with QuickBooks, created an official budget – and helped us stay on it! We now have the peace of mind that our accounting is being done correctly.”

Katie HanstadSKIN Medical Spa

“Pacific Crest Group is smart, responsive, and helpful. Our billing process is greatly improved, A/R is down, and we always have useful performance metrics to present to our Board.”

“I have been more than pleased to have Pacific Crest Group come over to my place once a month and get my bookkeeping in order for me on QuickBooks. They are above all, professional, plus very competent in their field, cheerful and helpful, get the job done and interface well with my new accountant. I trust them to do the best for my small business.”

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