PCG’s Interim CFO, Controller and Financial Consultant Services are designed to help you untangle your financial web so your company can be sailing smoothly into its bright future…

As a business owner, you are faced with many choices. You may be in startup mode and trying to manage virtually everything in your business, from bookkeeping to sales, from rainmaking to employee management and probably even a little HR thrown in just to keep things interesting.

Unless you already come from a finance background, you probably enjoy finance, bookkeeping and accounting processes about as much as you do walking on hot coals. But you’re also smart and savvy enough to know that your financial team is one of the most important elements of your growing company. So making the right decision at the right time is imperative.

In every business, there comes a time when having a key player on your financial team to perform interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Controller and other C-Level financial tasks to oversee your company’s finances is a vital component to your success and growth…

That time is probably…NOW.

Imagine having someone on your team who could provide you with:

  • Executive-level finance leadership at predictable cost for a specified period of time
  • Greater confidence and peace of mind in your financial strategy and tactical plans
  • An experienced, resourceful team player at your immediate disposal for advice, reality checks and back-up support
  • Enhanced clarity and alignment of your team’s objectives and your organization’s overall goals
  • A clear path to identifying future opportunities and challenges, with the wisdom and guidance to understand how to tackle them using the best possible strategies
  • Poise and competency at meetings with investors and business partners

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) can help to solve your most pressing financial issues by providing you with Interim CFO and Financial Strategy Consulting services so you don’t have to be burdened with hiring a full-time CFO or be bogged down in financial systems and processes.

PCG’s professional Interim CFOs and Financial Consultants provide a broad range of valuable services that can breathe new life into your business.

Among the many services our expert financial professionals can provide for you are:

  • Providing strategic planning and advisory support for budgeting, forecasting, business development, sales support, deal structuring and more
  • Managing or creating your company’s internal financial reporting functions and systems
  • Creating and editing financial projections and models for business planning and fundraising
  • Being a resource for capital from debt and private equity markets
  • Developing and implementing financial/operational reporting packages to support your company
  • Providing vital oversight for company administrative functions including contract administration, human resources, accounting, banking and treasury, facility management, investor relations and legal resources
  • Connecting you with a network of appropriate prospective investors, bankers, insurance providers, attorneys and benefits consultants
  • Supporting special projects on an as-need basis

Isn’t it time for you to take that next important step to getting your company on track for future growth?

Contact us today to arrange for a complimentary, confidential consultation to discuss your company’s needs and let us help you find your clear path to your company’s next level of growth.

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