Small and Mid Sized BusinessCompensation and Benefits

We’ve consistently helped our clients cut their overhead costs by up to $250,000 and increase bottom-line profits!

PCG creates solutions for growing businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

PCG can help you maximize business growth by helping you establish compensation plans that motivate employees. We help improve employee morale and create compensation and benefits programs to attract the best talent and to help grow your business.

We can help you:

    • Establish compensation standards and salary reviews
    • Create employee development and merit bonus/commission plans
    • Evaluate and compare current industry pay structures
    • Conduct benefit package comparisons and coordinate benefit administration
    • Establish and administer leave policies
    • And much more to help keep your business on track

Let us help you grow your business
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“PCG addressed all of our accounting,

finance, HR and IT challenges – which

allowed management to focus on business

growth and improvement….”

Doug Crawford, COO – Crimson Consulting

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