Mid Sized BusinessHuman Resources and Employee Development

We help you save on HR costs, while making sure we take care of your employees and business.

PCG creates HR solutions for growing businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

PCG can help you maximize business growth by helping you implement employee development plans that motivate employees and improve their skills. We are your strategic HR partner. We help you get the right people into the company, the right people in the right seats, and work with you to engage and compensate your high-performing team.

We can help you:

    • Develop workforce planning and retention strategy
    • Review and define position summaries and job descriptions
    • Establish measurement standards for jobs
    • Document general office policies and procedures
    • Manage employee relations
    • Provide leadership and management training
    • Conduct ongoing job-specific training
    • And much more to help keep your business on track

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“Pacific Crest Group provides extraordinary development and management services. Hiring Pacific Crest Group is the smartest investment our practice could have made.”

Gary Cecchi – Hematology Oncology Associates

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