Fall/Winter 2016
The end of 2015 and start of 2016 have been full of activity at PCG but we still made sure to incorporate some great fun employee events! Of course, Oktoberfest could not go by without a little beer sampling put together by our very own Eric Reinacher, our resident brewing hobbyist, and a whole spread of German treats including homemade German pretzels. We switched things up a bit for our holiday party this year and hosted our own private party sponsored by the Katrina Fehring at the Bel Marin Keys Yacht Club. We used our client, Big4 Party Rental for our rental needs and employees all pitched in to help decorate. Then we sat back, enjoyed the water view, time visiting getting to know each other’s guests and partaking in a scrumptious dinner catered by xxx, our employee Jamie’s father’s business.

Fall/Winter 2016

We welcomed some new staff members to the PCG team. Annette Lopez-Lamott is our newest HR Associate to our ever expanding HR team and Lindsay Stolarczyk joined as an Accounting Associate to support the newest accounting team at PCG. Exciting news for Gail Merz who decided to stretch her wings after 9 years with PCG by moving out on her own. She’ll continue to work for PCG in an agent role, providing seamless support to our mutual HR clients.

We are also excited to announce that TJ Van Voorhees while be serving as the 2016 President of the San Francisco chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization, a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 11,000 influential business owners, enabling leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading to greater success in business and beyond. Exactly what we strive every day to provide our clients through our services! Both TJ and Franka attended the EO Global President’s Conference in Park City, Utah recently.

Pacific Crest Group continued its community involvement and sponsorship of both the Marin Business Forum and 100Marin. Following are upcoming events:

  • Marin Business Forum – A community where like-minded business owners can share valuable information to improve business practices and productivity by leveraging the power of collaboration. Our next quarterly event will be Thursday, March 24, 2016, 5-7pm at Drake’s Landing Community Room in Greenbrae, CA. Our speaker will be Attorney Lester Rosen presenting real-world case studies and expert advice on safe hiring and pre-employment background checks. Please visit MBF Events.
  • 100Marin – An evening of food, wine, and philanthropy at which within 1 hour, 100+ people will collectively select one deserving Marin County non-profit and gift them well in excess of $10,000. Thursday, March 10, 2016, 6-8pm at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, CA. For more information and to RSVP please visit 100MARIN.

Both our employees and clients enjoy and benefit from attending these events and we hope you can join us too!

Spring 2015
We are excited to welcome several new members to the PCG team this Spring. David Ibarra is a new accounting associate hired in March and we are awaiting the start date of two more new team members: Peggy Ridge for accounting and Michelle Feeney for human resources starting at the end of April. Also, we are thrilled to announce the promotion Jehanne DeWalque, one of our Accounting Operations Managers to her new role as Production Manager for PCG.

Spring 2015To continue our team building and family oriented culture, PCG hosted a beach weekend out at Stinson Beach! We had lots of food and lots of fun in the sun!

We are celebrating a couple milestone anniversaries this season … Gail Merz, our Director of Business Consulting and Employee Development has been with PCG for NINE years now and Jamie Sandeen, one our advanced accountants, has been with PCG for THREE years.

To close out, don’t miss our next Marin Business Forum event on June 11, 2015 titled “Leading at Mach 2.” This hard-charging, high-impact keynote offers your leaders the straightforward, critical tools that U.S. fighter pilots employ to lead their wingmen into the demanding environment of aerial combat. Learn how the best fighter squadrons and the best businesses in the world hire future leaders, how they then properly train those individuals, and continually promote a process of continuous improvement to stay one step ahead of the competition. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Fall/Winter 2014

The second half of 2014 brought many changes to PCG as well as a host of holidays for us to celebrate! We are still fine-tuning and adjusting to our new “living” space in San Rafael and having fun exploring our new local environment.

While we haven’t added anyone new to the PCG team, we still have a lot to celebrate! Elaina, Veronica, Gail, Jehanne and Eric all had birthdays. Adrienne, Brad and Jehanne from our accounting team and Katrina from our HR team all celebrated their first anniversary with PCG in November and December. Sarah from our accounting team was promoted to be an Operations Manager and just hit her 4th anniversary with PCG, while Eric was promoted to an Advanced Accountant shortly after hitting his 3rd anniversary with PCG! We are so proud of the amazing core team we are building at PCG who continue to provide excellent accounting, HR and IT services to our clients.

It wouldn’t be any fun if it was all work and no play… Pacific Crest regularly finds time for team building events outside of work. Whether we were bowling with families, having pizza parties, happy hours, celebrating the holidays, or goofing off with our annual post-holiday gift exchange – we capped off 2014 in style!

Fall/Winter 2014

Please join the Marin Business Forum this Spring to hear Robert Eyler, CEO of Marin Economic Forum, give his annual update on the health of our local economy and beyond. Visit www.marinbusinessforum.com for more info.

Fall/Winter 2014

Summer 2014

The most exciting news to announce is our move from Larkspur Landing to a new office building in downtown San Rafael. We are thrilled with the availability for growth potential and the ability to design the interior space to make it a comfortable new home for PCG. To celebrate this big transition, we hosted an open house summer bash with our community!

In addition, this summer we are pleased to announce the marriage of two people from our accounting department. Sarah Cahill is now Mrs. Sarah Zewan and Jamie Dumont is now Mrs. Jamie Sandeen! We couldn’t be happier for them as they start the next chapter in each of their lives. Over the last few months we brought several new employee additions to our team… Justin Bain is our new Office Administrative Assistant. Sana Suleiman and Elaina Wu are our newest Accounting Associates. We welcome them with open arms!

To close out the summer, we hosted another Marin Business Forum Event at a new location, Drake’s Landing Community Room in Greenbrae on Sept 18th! We learned the Top 5 Things About Crowdfunding. For more information on upcoming events, visit www.marinbusinessforum.com.

Spring 2014

We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the HR team! Kayla Acosta is our newest HR Associate and has already begun rounding out the HR department with her witty humor and attention to detail. This season also brought out a bonanza of staff birthdays for Adrienne, Maryanne, Franka, Katrina, Jamie, Kim and Carolyn. We always love celebrating with cake and goodies!

Cinco de Mayo this year celebrated PCG’s 11th anniversary of the company! We look forward to many more years to come!

Winter 2014

New Hires for PCG teams:
Our company has been growing rapidly over the last few months. We would like to introduce Jehanne De Walque and Brad Kennison as our new Accounting Managers & Controllers leading our accounting teams. Susan Burnett joined us as an Advanced Accountant. Our HR department has added Katrina Fehring as a Senior HR Advisor. And last but not least, we would like to welcome Adrienne Robertson in the role of a Bookkeeper, and Andrew LaPorte as a new Accounting Associate.

New Consultant to expand Strategic and Executive Services:
We would like to welcome Susan Jackson as a Senior Analyst/CFO Consultant. With over 20 years of financial and business management experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from various roles to deliver proven results. She has performed as a consultant for major hospitals to architectural and engineering firms, helping clients increase revenues, reduce costs and optimize business operations.

This winter, we celebrated the Birthdays of Veronica, Eric and Larry. Quite an amount of decadent pastries were consumed! Happy Birthday!

Gift Exchange:
Every year, PCG throws a light-hearted gift exchange during the holiday season. It’s always fun to see the gifts that resurface! Not many turn up more than once, but the record for our office is now three years with a well-aged box of red wine. Our office is a little fearful of tasting it, perhaps that’s why it is continuously re-gifted and never enjoyed!

Marin Business Forum:
The January event was a huge success. Speaker Dean Karnazes captivated the audience with his commitment to physical endurance, and the similarities he found in being a successful entrepreneur and long-distance runner.

Fall 2013

New Hires:

Our hiring frenzy continues with the addition of our new accounting team member, Dana Hixenbaugh. She is our new staff accountant and will be assisting our amazing accounting team with various projects. Her prior work experience includes the county of Marin and the Pasha Group. She is an experienced accountant who will greatly attribute to the effectiveness of our unstoppable accounting team!


Summer and early Fall bring in quite the number of Birthdays. We celebrated TJ and Ashley Birthdays in August, and are looking forward to celebrating Kathleen and Gail’s Birthdays in September.


We would like to welcome Dave Aguero as our new CFO consultant. He has joined the PCG team to help clients with projects as an Interim CFO. Over the last seven years, Dave has served as a CFO for privately-held companies either in a permanent or an interim role. His technical skills, combined with his business development experience, provide a unique blend that allows him to dig deeper into business problems and construct profitable solutions.


Featured speakers Coreen Cordova and Laurie O’Hara lectured on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and how to raise capital for company growth. And it was another great success!

Our Website is getting a facelift!

Our Hiring page has just been updated! Not only do we have our internal PCG job openings, but also for our clients. Our home page will be getting a new look, so come visit us soon!

EO Alchemy

TJ and Franka spent 3 days at Entrepreneur Organization Alchemy Conference in SF learning from the most amazing local business professionals and Entrepreneurs. Some of the fun activities included the Beach Blanket Babylon and a boat cruise with the Sea Scouts.

PCG Halloween Lunch Party!

What a great, fun-filled Halloween lunch party. This year we had a whole array of characters show up. From kitty-cat Madonna, Mrs. Potato Head, a Witch, a Doctor, and a whole bunch of bakers, who came armed with delicious creations ready to rock the dessert contest. We started with a friendly competition, the Mummy wrap, to work up an appetite. It was a great hit. Who knew how quickly one can be wrapped with toilet paper! Another success came from guessing the number of candies in a massive glass jar. Sarah Cahill will never need to buy tootsie rolls again as she came away the winner, much to the chagrin of many employees. And last but not least, there was quite the turn-out for beautifully decorated and delicious desserts. There are several high quality bakers at PCG, and they never cease to amaze us with their skill. Though it was difficult to judge, Carolyn Pettit won our best dessert contest. Her whimsical graveyard brownies complete with a beautifully decorated headstone, green grass and a pumpkin completely astounded our office.

Summer 2013


Late spring and early summer have been filled with birthdays this year. Mohammad and Cliff celebrated their Birthday’s in June, while Ike just celebrated his Birthday in July. Our office is a huge fan of cupcakes, so we are awfully excited to celebrate all of these Birthdays!


New Hires

We have a few new faces can be seen around PCG’s office too! We would like to welcome Veronica, Paula and Kim. Veronica is our new Advanced Accountant. Paula came to us from Crimson Consulting and is our Staffing Manager. And Kim is here as an HR Associate, taking on a multitude of tasks from the HR Department.


Employee of the month (May) – Gail

In May, we selected another employee of the month. Our amazing Gail received the honorary employee of the month award for her calm & helpful nature, and one outstanding work ethic.


Marin Business Forum – June 2013

Our last MBF was another huge success. We had Karen Clark as our expert speaker on social media; it was interactive, fun and eye-opening to many of us. We learned how to maintain a professional and authentic online presence and how to best use various social media sites. The evening ended with a lovely time on our deck, overlooking the bay while enjoying delicious food and Pinot Noir from Hale Mary.


PCG’s 10th Year Anniversary!

We had great weather, entertainment and yummy food to be had on Stinson Beach for PCG’s 10-year anniversary celebration. Warm sand between our toes, kites soaring in the air and the amazing smell of barbecue wafting all around us make for a joyful time for everyone!






Spring 2013

We are deep into Spring and there has been a lot of interesting, fun and productive activity happening around PCG.

Marin Business Forum

Mark your calendar for June 13th at 5 pm for our next Marin Business Forum event. We are excited to have Karen Clark from My Business Presence speak about the hot topic of social media in the world of business and marketing. You will get her expert insight on what to do and not, what platforms work best, and how to establish an online presence, while remaining true to your business and personal principles. Please visit www.marinbusinessforum.comfor more info and RSVP.

April Employee Of The Month

We have a lot to be grateful for and celebrate this spring. First, we would like to congratulate Ike Nam. He is our new PCG’s April 2013 employee of the month winner. Ike has been an huge support to PCG staff helping out in all the possible ways making sure our technology is working for us. In addition to his outstanding work on internal PCG IT projects and tasks, our clients rave about his excellent work and all amazing ways he supports them especially with critical and unexpected IT issues.

April And May Birthdays

We’ve celebrated a few birthdays in April and May with some yummy cupcakes: Jamie, David, Carolyn, Franka and Sarah have all turned a year older and wiser!

Anniversaries – PCG Is Turning 10!!!

Two of our employees, Ashley Brunner and Jamie Dumont, have just celebrated their two-year anniversaries with PCG. We all truly enjoy working with them and appreciate all extraordinary work they do for PCG and our clients. And even BIGGER NEWS: PCG has turned 10 on Cinco de Mayo!!! We will be celebrating this important milestone with all our friends and families with a big beach party and BBQ in June. Pictures to follow!

Doug Crawford Joining PCG

Doug Crawford, COO of Crimson Consulting and Marketing Group has joined PCG team as a Senior Advisor. He brings with him expertise in strategic and operational planning, and years of experience in organizational development and alignment to our team. More about his background can be viewed at www.pcg-services.com/about/ Since our last news report, we enjoyed our Holiday Party in December when we all cruised holiday partyalong the bay while enjoying the merriment and festivities surrounding the annual Light Yacht Parade in Oakland. It was quite a scene observing the decorations on those fancy boats! Another holiday highlight (and a big hit!) was our White Elephant gift exchange. In this humorous, tongue-in-cheek event, we discovered that a few select items are so popular that they are re-gifted every year, year after year. This year’s popular items included a dancing Santa Claus in a bathtub (with new batteries, of course!), and an even further aged box of wine, which now begs the question: “What type of cheese would go well with that one?”

Annual PCG Community Outreach and Donation:

PCG is participating in the Marin County Human Race this year on May 11. The Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations and is one of the largest collaborative fundraising events in Marin! Over the past 31 years, it has grown into one of the most successful fundraisers for local nonprofits, raising nearly $6 million for local charities since it started. All donations are tax deductible. We ask you to please contribute whatever you can to this incredibly important cause. We really appreciate your support, whether it is financially or in spirit! Thank you! If you would like to donate to this amazing cause please click the green “Donate Now” button on the right on this webpage: http://www.marinhumanrace.org/goto/CenterforDomesticPeace

marin business forumMarin Business Forum

In January and March, we proudly sponsored another two successful Marin Business Forum events, both of which were sold out with over 90 attendees. Our January guest speaker was Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis and the Executive MBA program at Sonoma State University Robert spoke offered his perspective on the economic forces shaping the future of Marin County. Our March guest speakers Chuck Greene, Executive Director of the Cedars of Marin and Joan Capurro, Senior Vice President and Director of Community Relations for the Bank of Marin, discussed the hidden challenges facing non-profits and how for-profit and non-profit can collaborate to help on another. Our next Marin Business Forum meeting is on June 13thand will feature Karen Clark providing training on Ethical Social Media for Entrepreneurs.

Beer Tasting (Did you think we’re all about Financial Services and HR?)

Not every office can boast that they have three incredible craftsmen in the art of brewing beer! PCG Team members David, Erik and Ike became the leaders of our first beer tasting competition, with beers ranging from sweet and light to a hearty dark brew.

Pizza Lunch w/ Employee of the Month pizza lunch

With the glorious weather of spring finally upon us, we recently hosted a delicious outdoor lunch on our patio. As the weather warms up, we hope to do this more often! sarah - employee of the monthThe start of the new season also kicked off by announcing the first Employee of the Month and holding an award ceremony to honor the first recipient! It’s always great to receive recognition for any task, big or small. This month’s well-deserved award goes to Sarah Cahill! Why did we select Sarah? There were many reasons, including that she is a patient and willing helper who readily steps up to help in any project.

Mohammad Malik Joins the PCG Team

In January, we were very pleased to welcome Mohammad Malik to our team! Malik graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting from Cal State East Bay and is experienced in accounting, auditing and taxes in the Governmental, Non-Profit, Public, and Private Sectors. He is also a big basketball and football fan!

Team Birthdays

We recently celebrated the Birthday’s of a few great employees. In January, Eric and Larry were the birthday boys, followed by Dory in February.

Dory’s Engagement

And speaking of Dory…not only did we celebrate her birthday, but are also happy to announce that she is now engaged! Dory Weston is one of our Advanced Accountants. Congrats to her and her fiancé!

Fall 2012

As leaves continue to fall and temperatures to sizzle here at the PCG headquarters there is no sign of slowing down: In September we have added three times more new clients to our ever expanding client list then the previous month, and two more amazing employees, Marie Estorge, Advanced Accountant, and Eric Reinacher, Accounting Associate. Marie Estorge is an experienced accountant with 10+ years in a role of Sr. Accountant. Besides her professional passion for Accounting and numbers, she is a Head Dive Coach at her local High School, fiction book writer, and an excellent cook judging by all yummy meals we see her eating during her down times at PCG. She joined the Accounting Team led by Ashley Brunner, and team members David Lee and Jamie Dumont. Eric Reinacher is a recent college graduate form the UC Davis. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. In his free time Eric enjoys playing bass and soccer. He speaks German and Spanish, and compliments our team with his intelligence and a great sense of humor. As a part of continued effort to participate in local events and give back to a community, Pacific Crest Group team has participated in American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event on 08/25/2012 and helped raise $2,845.00. Led by Dory Weston, one of our Accounting Associates, PCG had a team walking in the event for 24 hours. Her leadership and inspiration garnered tremendous support for this worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who supported us and thank you, Dory, for organizing this fun event for our team. On September 20th yet another successful Marin Business Forum event we sponsor took place at the Wood Island Auditorium. Collaborative Entrepreneurship: How Networks of Small Companies Can Do Big Things” was the subject that drew the crowd of 40 attendees. The presenter, John Stayton, Director and Co-founder of Venture Greenhouse and Assistant Professor MBA in Sustainable Enterprise (Green MBA) for Dominican University of California offered some valuable insights on startups and tips of building small businesses as part of a collaborative community. Attendees participated in a quick team networking exercise and exchanged ideas and contact information. Afterwards, everyone participated in a lottery drawing while enjoying surprisingly warm weather, beverages, tasty appetizers and magnificent views of San Francisco Bay from our deck. Lucky winners received spa gift certificates, etc…For more information about this and upcoming Marin Business Forum events please visit the MBF website: http://marinbusinessforum.com/. We have also celebrated two PCG team members’ birthdays in the month of September: Kathleen, our Admin. Associate and Gail, our HR Director, were put on a spot and honored by the whole PCG team for everything they do for us with delicious baking creations made as usual by Carolyn Pettit, our baker extraordinaire/HR specialist/Dancing instructor. We all indulged in chocolate and cream, and a wave of sugar high carried us for at least another week and helped us keep up with the high-paced environment of our office. Halloween spirit took our office by storm on October 31st . Chips, salsa, costumes and playfulness brought a taste of upcoming Holiday season to our workplace and left us entertained and inspired. Between variety of characters that showed up that day we had a tigress, a police woman with a baton, a guy from Studio 68 with a big hair and matching glasses, and a flower child from the 60’s with a lots of beads and a flowery dress. All of them have made this experience one to remember for a long time. Holiday season has arrived at the PCG office with a bang!

PCG Raises over $2,845 for San Rafael Relay for Life, August 25th-26th, 2012

Pacific Crest Group was pleased to support the American Cancer Society at this year’s Relay for Life®. PCG had a team walking in the event, led by Dory Weston, one of our Advanced Accountants. Her leadership and inspiration garnered tremendous support for this worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who supported us and thank you, Dory, for organizing this!

Urgent PCG News Flash: San Rafael Relay for Life, August 25th-26th at College of Marin

Pacific Crest Group is eager to invite you to join us in supporting the American Cancer Society at this year’s Relay for Life®. PCG has a team walking in the event, led by Dory Weston, one of our Advanced Accountants. Her leadership and inspiration to the team have garnered tremendous support for this worthy cause. We would like to reach out to all of you to join us at the Relay for Life event, or provide support in anyway you can. Thank you Dory for organizing this!

Summer 2012

In the children’s classic story Tuck Everlasting, we read that “the first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.” We’d like to take that pause at the height of summer to share some exciting new developments at PCG! To start, while we have recently said goodbye to some valued team members, we are more than overjoyed to introduce the newest members of our dynamic staff: Maya Lonchar, Cliff Johnson, and Jade Arias. Maya Lonchar is PCG’s new Office Manager. She will be taking over the role of our internal office functions such as accounting, human resources, and IT. She brings lots of start up office experience as well as an incredible sense of humor to our team. Cliff Johnson is the second Operations Manager for our growing accounting department. Cliff is sharing a wealth of knowledge in accounting and consulting with PCG. And last but not least, Jade Arias has joined PCG as our newest Marketing Intern. She is a student at Dominican University here in San Rafael and will be able to help PCG grow its marketing efforts. In other news, many members of our staff had the privilege of attending the art show of our office administrator, Kathleen, in San Francisco at the beginning of August. Kathleen has been painting for many years and we were so grateful for her to share her passion with us. More of her art can be found at her website: www.katabell.com. We also celebrated a BIG milestone for our valuable IT Manager, Ike Nam, having been with PCG for 5 years. Coincidentally, his 5 year anniversary happened to be the same week of his birthday so we threw him a surprise birthday/anniversary party at Country Club Bowling in San Rafael. We aren’t sure if we were able to pull of the surprise but we definitely all had a blast! To close, we would like to invite everyone to our next Marin Business Forum event, “Collaborative Entrepreneurship: How Networks of Small Companies Can Do Big Things,” on September 20th in Larkspur. For more information, please see the MBF website: http://marinbusinessforum.com/. Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer!

Spring 2012

As PCG celebrates its 9th anniversary, we are finding that we have much more than just that to celebrate! At the beginning of March, TJ was asked by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization to give a short presentation on the growing pains of Employee Development at their monthly “Guru” event. At the end of March, Franka (along with two other industry leaders, Nina Gardner and Pete Woodring) presented the second Marin Business Forum event where they discussed “How to Turn Your Company into a Hiring Machine” with expert John Younger, CEO of Accolo. To celebrate the occasion, a fun social wine tasting took place after the discussion provided by Peju Province Winery. To hear more about upcoming Marin Business Forum events and to get on the mailing list, check out the website! cake spring 2012In other news, we have recently welcomed two new members to the PCG Accounting Team: Ashley Brunner and Jamie Dumont. Ashley joins us as a Controller with many years of corporate accounting background. Jamie joins our accounting bookkeeping backbone with energy and eagerness to help support the team. What better way to commemorate new employees than to also recognize the anniversaries and birthdays of our current staff. Dory and David, two strong members of our accounting team recently achieved one year of service with PCG. Also recently hitting the one year mark is our office admin Kathleen! Finally, hitting the 6 year mark is our fearless leader of the Employee Development and Business Consulting Department, Gail! We also celebrated birthdays for Franka, Sarah, and Jamie! Last but definitely not least, we want to share our most recent team building events. To the joy of all our sports enthusiasts, we took in one of the final pre-season baseball games at AT&T park where our team was split between cheering for our two local MLB teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics.

Fall 2011

As leaves begin to fall outside, PCG is still bright and sunny. September was a particularly busy month for the PCG Staff. Earlier in the month, Pacific Crest Group announced the acquisition of Compass Accounting of San Francisco. By adding Compass’s food service client base, we are able to broaden our accounting services client portfolio in the San Francisco Bay Area’s restaurant sector. Being that a good amount of PCG staff members are self proclaimed food lovers, we couldn’t be more excited! Speaking of food, we were fortunate enough to celebrate three birthdays in the recent weeks of some very active employees. What better way to celebrate than with a running shoe themed birthday cake! In out last news update, we announced the Marin Business Forum. In late September, Franka Winchester, one of our fearless leaders, presented to a group of 30+ bay area business owners about the strategies behind using outsourcing to help grow a small company into an industry leader. To read more about upcoming Marin Business Forum events, visit our blog. Finally, as one of our most recent and most unique team building events, we took a sunset cruise around the SF Bay on a catamaran boat. It was a great way to end the week and spend some time together where we just got to relax and enjoy the view.

Summer 2011

PCG has been having quite the busy summer and we are excited to share all the news with you! The summer started with one of our newer employees taking off to chaperone a teen runners’ study trip consisting of a 4 ½ week journey through Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria and Germany sponsored by Drake High School. Dory Weston, who took this trip herself 12 years ago, was eager to give back to a new generation of runners and help to introduce them to other cultures in a hands-on way. For more information on her trip see the great online article at the Marin Independent Journal. Summer 2011We continued into July with a team bonding experience while wine tasting in Sonoma Valley. Through lots of laughs, we were able to taste some great food and great wine with most of our team members. On this fun day trip, we also able to recognize a special occasion for one of our employees… our IT Manager, Ike Nam, celebrated his 4th anniversary with PCG. We don’t know what we would do without him! Most recently, we are happy to announce that our Office Admin is now a happily married woman! On July 30th, Kathleen Bell officially became Kathleen Bell Buck! We wish her and her husband Jacob all the best! Lastly, Franka Winchester, co-founder of PCG, will be co-presenting to members of the business community on Outsourcing Efficiencies as part of the Marin Business Forum on Thursday, September 22nd. More information to come!

Spring 2011

While the weather outside was not so nice this spring, things at PCG were blooming nicely! We added one more person to our incredible accounting team, David Lee. We are so excited to have him with us! In April, we were excited to announce our strategic alliance with Filice Insurance, one of the largest independent employee benefits and insurance consulting firms in Northern California, to better meet the needs of Bay Area employers. By working together, we will be able to offer existing and new clients one-stop shopping for all their HR questions, concerns, and challenges. To celebrate PCG’s 8th anniversary on May 5th, we all had a great time over dinner and margaritas (what better way to also celebrate Cinco de Mayo)! Finally, we have one more new addition to the PCG family to announce. On May 22nd, our long time Staff Accountant, Olivia Wood, welcomed her first daughter: Tallulah Evelyn Wood! We are so overjoyed for Olivia and her family’s new adventures!

Winter 2010/2011

As always, our team here at PCG continues to grow! We have FOUR new hires! Sara Cahill joined our accounting department in December. In January, Kathleen Bell was hired to be our new administrative assistant. And in February, Lisa Rodriguez and Margaret Westen joined the most phenomenal accounting team in the Bay Area. We couldn’t be happier to have you, especially with all our new clients! In December, we celebrated our company holiday party at Franka’s house in Kentfield. You can’t go wrong with catered Mexican food and Karaoke. Way too much fun! As previously mentioned, we recently launched our new website. We have several new additions that make it a great resource for business owners: • The Blog – updated weekly with great articles about issues that business owners run into every day. You also now have the option to receive blog posts with our new RSS feed. • The Resources page – many great resources related to Accounting, HR, IT, and General Business topics. • The PCG Business Bulldozer (Newsletter)built with the idea of knocking down barriers to business, the newsletter is created monthly and you can sign up to receive it via email (sign up by clicking on the subscribe now button in the blue box to your upper right). The newsletter also includes a profile of a PCG employee.

Fall 2010

Things are looking very bright at PCG! Firstly, you are now looking at our brand new website! We knew that our old website wasn’t accurately portraying Pacific Crest Group’s level of professionalism and superb, comprehensive menu of service offerings. The new website was launched in December, 2010. Let us know what you think! We continue to add new members to our team. No surprise here! Recent additions include Patrick Teixeira in Accounting, Carolyn Pettit in Human Resources, and Cole McGowan in Marketing. Welcome all! T.J. Van Voorhees, co-founder of PCG, presented to members of the Entrepreneurs Organization about “Exit Planning” on October 21st. This very successful presentation actually evolved into a similar and more recent event titled “Buying, Dying, or Selling? 10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Business.” Held on November 18th and hosted by Pacific Crest Group, T.J. and guest speaker Danny Krebs delivered key points on how to increase the value of a business, to a packed house! Attendees called the presentation “Extremely Valuable” and “Essential Information for all Business Owners.” PCG also made an appearance at the bowling alley, where we had too many strikes to count! And, of course, we can’t forget the company picnic, below. Go PCG, Go! Corte Madera Park

Summer 2010

We recently celebrated PCG’s seventh anniversary with a company trip to Sonoma. Wine tasting, tours, and dancing in the party bus on the way home made for a great day together.

Spring 2010

PCG continues to grow, with a new accounting associate joining the team: Adam Ida, while Lucio Bonaso also joined our tech staff as an IT consultant Given this steady growth, it’s not surprising that we need more room. We will be expanding into the office space adjacent to our current Larkspur location. And outside of PCG, Franka Winchester will be assuming the role of Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. PCG has also been selected by E-Myth Worldwideas a trusted advisor. We are currently testing the insider program by working with our clients and E-Myth coaches to develop a deeper understanding of this synergistic relationship.

Fall 2009

PCG’s Gail Merz appeared on local CBS affiliate KPIX Channel 5 during a segment on sick leave policies and the H1N1 virus. Watch the video. Our accounting team continues to grow, with Accounting Associate Laura Olcott joining PCG this fall. And in traditional company fashion, we celebrated Halloween in style. Princess Lea and the Witch won best costume awards.

Summer 2009

Franka returned to work full-time in August, and shared stories and photos of daughter Trinity. She was born May 23, at 8 pounds 14 oz and 21 inches, with a little blond hair and bright blue eyes. She is a growing girl; this picture was taken during a family trip to Santa Monica last week. Trinity enjoyed her first plane ride and bike ride. Earlier this summer, we celebrated PCG’s sixth year in business by visiting the Gundlach Bunchu and Buena Vista wineries in Sonoma.

February 2009

The new year has gotten off to a very healthy start at PCG: January was our busiest month ever, and we’ve recently brought on a new hire. Our team now includes accounting associate Jeff Lo. To celebrate, we hosted a dinner for everyone to get to know one another.

December 2008

This year has certainly had a number of challenges, but as we look back we see that PCG’s accounting department has grown 40% due to new clients and an increased work load. We’ve also added several dozen QuickBooks Online clients; the latest way of managing accounting over the Internet is extremely cost effective and efficient, and it’s proving to be a great option for many smaller businesses. Given the bumpy economy, why have we experienced growth in this area? We believe it’s because more businesses recognize the advantage of outsourcing their major back-office services. In addition, we’ve seen an increase in demand for clean accounting systems that produce actionable reports that enable business owners to make informed decisions. New clients are engaging us because they need better accounting proceses and information, which we can often provide for less than they can develop and maintain on their own.

November 2008

Staci Bonaso has been promoted to Accounting Manger after demonstrating excellence with both our internal accounting and in her work for multiple clients. T.J. Van Voorhees presented to the Entrepreneurs’ Organizationin San Francisco. He spoke about the importance of Key Performance Indicator reports, which are even more important in today’s economy so that business owners can act quickly to fluctuations in their business.

October 2008

Olivia Woods came on board as a new Accounting Associate. She is already an essential part for our internal accounting, and is doing a wonderful job maintaining the systems of many of our clients. We had a great time at our annual Halloween Potluck

September 2008

Verna Ventura was promoted to Accounting Manager due to her excellent performance and ability to work exclusively with new clients.

August 2008

Read about PCG’s Accounting Department Outsourcing and Interim CFO/Controller services.

June 2008

We’ve just launched a new Resources sectionwith several PCG-authored articles about employee development and IT. Check back periodically to learn more about PCG’s insights into accounting and financial management.

April 2008

Pacific Crest Group is pleased to introduce a new member of our growing Accounting and Finance Department: Director of Accounting Services Rick Brusseau. Rick brings many years of experience that enable PCG to offer an even higher level of accounting and finance guidance, including CFO and Controller services.

March 2008

On March 17, Client Services Associate Staci Bonaso welcomed June-Bella Fraye Bonaso!

January 2008

With PCG’s comprehensive project management, Bay Area Breast Surgeons just completed a successful move of its practice in Oakland. PCG was responsible for the relocation budget, construction oversight, set-up of the IT infrastructure and telephone system, hiring and training new staff, and notification of patients and insurance providers.

December 2007

Our management team successfully coordinated the retirement of Dr. Larry Streif from his practice. PCG oversaw amendments to shareholder agreements and by-laws, and updated all corporate documents to bring them into compliance.

September 2007

PCG just finished a successful JHACO Accreditation for BaySpine Surgery Center in Richmond, CA. PCG’s project management team utilized our proven methodology to secure the accreditation in only three months, far faster than the multi-year process many medical practices face when they attempt it on their own.

May 2007

This has been a very busy month! PCG co-founder Franka Winchesterwas featured in the San Francisco Entrepreneurs’ Organization newsletter.

March 2007

Please join us in welcoming Verna Ventura to the PCG accounting team.

December 2006

PCG ended a great year for our clients. In one example, after a year of merging a medical practice, one of our client’s principal was able to take home a $350,000 bonus. We also welcomed Staci Bonaso to the company as a Client Services Associate, We have set large goals for 2007 and are working hard to take PCG to the next level.

September 2006

Pacific Crest Group has just finished a major rollout of NextGen’s EPM and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for a leading ophthalmology practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. NextGen’s Wendy Chambers said, “This is the best rollout of EMR I have ever seen.

June 2006

Pacific Crest Group moves to its new location in the Wood Island Building Complex overlooking the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. More elbow room for everyone! And great views of Mount Tam.

Spring 2006

This has been a busy Spring, as we welcomed Gail Merz to the company. PCG is growing strong!

Winter 2005/2006

Our business development team is finishing up the successful merger of two oncology practices in the East Bay. Well done Grant and team! You all have done a fabulous job with the merger. The new company structure and employee guidelines will get them off to a good solid start. PCG’s business development team and IT consultants have got their work cut out for them. Over the next six months, we will be the project lead and implementation team for the NextGen healthcare system at a North Bay ophthalmology practice and surgery center. NextGen is the leading software for EPM and Electronic Medical Records in the healthcare industry. It should be an exciting project!