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Employees are Motivated by Much More Than Money

It is easy to assume that in this day and age, as we face a challenging economy, most employees are just happy to have a job. While there may be some truth in that, even in a challenging economy, your employees won’t stick around without some solid motivators. But you may be surprised to discover that some of the most important morale boosters have nothing whatsoever to do with money.

Our focus this month has been to open up the window of possibilities by showing various ways you can motivate your employees, cultivate an ownership mindset culture and increase your own profit bottom line by sharing the wealth with your employees.

We recently talked about 7 Ways to Increase Your “Human Bottom Line” discussing some of the surprising findings surrounding what REALLY motivates employees

Here are the highlights:

  1. Praise and commendation from management for work well done.
  2. Providing opportunities to lead projects or take on more responsibility.
  3. Increasing autonomy and decision-making.
  4. Providing an open forum for feedback and staff.
  5. Creating variety and the ability to use different skills.
  6. Offering flexible work schedules and dress code.
  7. Starting or expanding an incentive-based employee profit-sharing plan.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could hire employees that had the same passion and drive to move your business forward that you have as an entrepreneur? You may be surprised to discover that this can be easier than you think; especially if you consider inspiring an “ownership attitude” right from the first day. We discussed this concept in a blog article last month, followed by more details on how you can actually implement an employee profit sharing plan.

The more we research the concept, the more we discover that there is much more to employee motivation than compensation can offer. Offering some fun, out-of-the-box perks can pay off by keeping appreciation, motivation and creativity at an all-time high in your business. Moreover, you are developing a new culture that inspires and motivates, while lowering levels of burnout and apathy. In our article entitled Beyond Benefits, we discuss some of these strategies.

Remember, your employees are looking for reasons to feel appreciated and special. Some creative thinking about additional perks you can offer is a great way to show them that you’ve really put some thought into what might be fun, useful and valuable to them.

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