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Let the Hiring begin!

Hiring, hiring, hiring… It’s on everyone’s mind. In today’s economy, the talent pool is shrinking and finding great hires has become even more difficult than ever. The affect this may have on a company’s performance is immense as studies have shown how one top hire can outperform three average employees. Just imagine the impact this has on your bottom line!

This month, we’ve listed a few tips on how to improve your hiring process, starting with Benchmarking to Find the Best Hires. These 7 steps are beneficial when hunting for the best job candidates, from seducing candidates with a love letter-esque job description, to using concise and compelling messaging. We have created a number of systems and strategies that we share with our clients to help them identify the right candidate for their needs, but without a proper game plan it’s impossible to determine what the right candidate looks like. And as we have discussed in the past, a bad hiring decision can be extremely costly.

With proper planning and laying a solid foundation before the recruiting starts, it will be easier to narrow the field to a small number of suitable candidates. The right evaluation tools and criteria will make it easier to identify the top performers who can help the company achieve its goals.

If you would like to speak to one of our HR and Recruiting Professionals please contact us for a Free Consultation.

Until next month, we wish you the very best and much success in your business.

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