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The Right Accounting Software Could Cut Your Overhead by 75.6%

The Right Accounting Software Could Cut Your Overhead by 75.6%

Do you know how much time and money you can save by using the right accounting software? According to a study done by Bill4Time, accounting software can save you at least 23 hours per month on administrative tasks and cut overhead costs by at least 75.6%. If that’s not enough for you, approximately 93% of business owners say that using accounting systems helped make their business more efficient and organized.

As your business continues to grow, so does the amount of time needed to manage your accounting. Are you really comfortable wasting time on basic accounting tasks when you should be focused on your business strategy? With the right software in place you can improve efficiency and cut down on costs associated with manual entry, as well as reducing the costs associated with errors from double entry into different systems. Depending on the complexity of your business, you could save yourself $75,000 or more in labor costs alone with the right accounting software.

Before diving into which software platform is going to be best for your business, there’s some common questions that you need to address:

  • What’s your company size?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What other business platforms are you using?
  • How much growth are you expecting in your business in the next year? 5 years?

After answering these questions, check out our report’s comparing three of the top accounting platforms currently on the market: Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite. These three platforms all have different strengths but the one you choose will ultimately depend on whether you need a platform built for small businesses, or a more robust platform for complete enterprise management. I suggest you take a look at our first report comparing two very popular small business accounting platform Quickbooks and Xero, and come back next week for our followup on NetSuite.

Until next month, we wish you the very best and much success in your business.

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