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Strategic Planning Using “Big Data”


The primary food harvesting season is from August to October in California.  It is just coming into its full potential now.  Many different kinds of fruits, vegetables and nuts are harvested during this time period.

As bountiful as our California harvest is, there is a larger kind of harvesting going on around the world constantly.  This phenomenon is disrupting industries at an almost unbelievable rate.  It is called harvesting “Big Data.”

The goal is to utilize “Big Data” to increase productivity and profits.  Would “Big Data” be beneficial to your business?  The answer depends on your overall strategic plan.  Let’s begin by understanding the nature of “Big Data.”

Big Data Volume

We have become walking data generators.  According to an article in the “MIT Technology Review,” Humans produce an astonishing 2.8 zettabytes of data worldwide by performing every imaginable type of uploading, downloading and clicking from email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and many other sources.  One zettabyte is enough data to fill 250 Billion DVDs.

Big Data Analysis  

Analyzing “Big Data” consists of harvesting data, ensuring data quality, making the data usable and keeping it secure.  The most important data for business is tied to people, activities and locations for marketing purposes.

Managers increasingly view “Big Data” as an important driver of innovation, customer service and competitive advantage.  Businesses in the top third of their industry using data-driven decision making were more productive and profitable than their competitors in a multitude of experiments.

Big Data Strategic Planning 

Using “Big Data” effectively in business is an emerging industry.  There are no clear and hard rules.  The key is determining how to use “Big Data” to your advantage through strategic planning for your business.  These techniques are outlined in Pacific Crest Group’s article “Being SMART About Setting Strategic Objectives.” It presents the fundamental questions at the core of strategic planning and the steps used to align your objectives with your long-term planning.

Special Announcement: Pacific Crest Group (PCG) is a founding member of the Marin Business Forum. Our next meeting is Thursday October 8, 2015 from 5 PM to 7 PM in the Drake’s Landing Community Room located at 300A Drakes Landing Road in Greenbrae. The Community Room is adjacent to Jason’s Restaurant. Our speaker is Mickey Griffith from the Referral Institute.  Mickey will explain the “Five Essential Steps to Referrals that Rock!” Please go to the Events page to register for this event.

PCG is a proud sponsor of the charity known as “100Marin.”  This nonprofit was recognized for its donations in an article titled “100Marin, new charity group, donates $60K in less than a year” in the Marin IJ.  We highly recommend you attend this very worthwhile and fun event. Their next event will be in January 2016.  We will update you on the details.

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