This Month: Pacific Crest Group Offers More!

This month, we want to introduce you to our new web site, which we have designed as an online resource to assist small businesses and others in their pursuit of success. Pacific Crest Group does more than offer Bay Area bookkeeping services. We help our clients create new systems that remove the burden of back office processes. Over the years, we have discovered that most back office ties are tied to bookkeeping, staffing, and computer resources, and often overlap. That’s why we have developed an interdisciplinary approach that addresses all three areas.

3 Quick Tips for Your Business:

1. Assess your IT infrastructure. Do you have a disaster recovery plan, including backup systems? Can you weather a network meltdown?

2. Get intelligence from your accounts. You should be able to get a portrait of how your business is doing with a few mouse clicks, and graph it! If you can’t, it’s time to reassess your accounting software.

3. Be prepared for your next move. No matter where you are in your business lifecycle, your books should be up to date and clean, using best accounting practices. You never know when you may face an audit or need business-critical information. It’s better to keep up than play catch up.

Don’t Panic: Pacific Crest Group is Here to Help with Operational Solutions You Can Use!
Pacific Crest Group is made up of experienced professionals with decades of experience in finance, staffing and human resources, and information technology. We work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area because they understand that business processes don’t need to get in the way of the results. That’s why we are here; to help you define those processes that are hurdles in your race to success. Read more.

Bay Area Business with Bookkeeping Challenges
This Bay Area company was looking at an acquisition after 60 years in business. But their books were a mess. They hadn’t properly implemented their bookkeeping system, which means their software was improperly installed and they didn’t have the financial data they needed for a successful handoff. Time to scrub the books. Bay Area Business with Bookkeeping Challenges

Outsourced Human Resources Services to Increase Operating Efficiencies
Over the course of a seven-year client engagement, PCG’s role has evolved from that of bookkeeper to a more strategic consultative role of CFO, controller, and HR management. As the company’s payroll grew, it became increasingly clear that there was a growing disconnect between invoices and payroll, and there needed to be a better way to gauge employee performance. It was time to install a time tracking system with key performance indicators. Read More.

Adopting an Open IT Strategy Increases Office Productivity
One of our professional services clients was running into productivity problems since their computer network wasn’t structured to handle roaming users or remote access. When we dug into their problem, we also discovered that they had no backup system for disaster recovery. We had some recommendations. Read More.

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