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This month: A Taxing Time of Year

Welcome to our new look for the Pacific Crest Group monthly newsletter. We know you are busy and inundated with email, so we have streamlined our format in order to bring valuable insight with a quick read.

This month, we have been blogging about tips for more efficient tax return preparation. With a few important steps you can prepare your books in a clean fashion that will make filing taxes relatively painless for your CPA. Read about the 10 tips that your accounting team can focus on to accurately reflect your financials for the tax year. A set of clean year end reports will provide you with supporting numbers about your business performance and the tools to make your next business decisions. Don’t forget your CPA is a tax specialist – if you hire them to perform clean up tasks on your books you may pay a high price for that type of work.

In addition to final reviews on your books you may benefit from the latest tax regulations that may affect your business. Talk to your CPA to maximize your tax benefits and review that it is in line with your overall business goals. For example, your tax decisions may be very different if you are trying to sell your business or if you are looking for funding versus maximizing your lifestyle as a business owner with high fringe benefits.

We hope you enjoyed our new style and topic of the month. Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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This newsletter is intended to provide generalized information that is appropriate in certain situations. It is not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used by the recipient, for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties that may be imposed on any taxpayer. The contents of this newsletter should not be acted upon without specific professional guidance. Please call us if you have questions.

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