January 2011

Don’t Panic: Pacific Crest Group is Here to Help with Operational Solutions You Can Use!

One of the things we see again and again is entrepreneurs who get mired in the day-to-day running of their business. They get bogged down worrying about payroll, dealing with accounts receivables, managing sales, even ordering light bulbs and toilet paper. They need help sorting out how to implement the systems they need to run their daily operations so they can concentrate on growth…Click Here to Read More

How Oncology Practice Recouped Profits By Controlling Drug Supply

We do a lot of work with medical practices around the Bay Area, and we recently completed a project for an oncology practice that was experiencing falling profits. With increases in operating costs not being offset by insurance reimbursements, we had to help this client find a way to increase…Click Here to Read More

PCG Client Bridge the Gap Honored with FBI Award

We were delighted to see that Bridge the Gap College Prep of Sausalito, a nonprofit group that has been a pro bono client for Pacific Crest Group accounting services for some time, has received the FBI Community Leadership Award. The program offers free one-on-one tutoring for students and is only one of 50 organizations to receive the FBI award nationwide. Click Here to Read More

PCG Staff Profile: Jeff Lo, Accounting Manager

Jeff serves as the operations backbone for his clients, providng both strategic and tactical support. He designs, implements, and manages the vital although less exciting aspects of his clients’ business, from simple check writing to designing customized Key Performance Indicator reports and implementing processes to increase operational efficiency. He also trains and manages PCG’s outsanding team of accounting associates.

Latest Client Accomplishment: “I was recently at a client’s office helping out with normal stuff such as bookkeeping, accounting, and controller activities, when I discovered that my client was being charged $38,000 at once by a contractor for office improvements. They demanded that the bill be paid immediately, but I took it upon myself to contact their CFO to negotiate a payment plan. In the end, we agreed to extend the payment period to seven months.”

Jeff’s Favorite Song: “Hotel California” by the Eagles

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