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Focusing on the Bottom Line

Happy New Year! Another year is upon us and there is no better time to gather your records, get organized and create a budget for the coming year.

This past month, our primary focus has been on helping you achieve a better grasp of your budget details and cash flow.

To Budget or Not to Budget – NOT a Question You Should Be Asking

Even though the simple thought of creating a budgeting picbudget may seem daunting and unnecessarily restrictive for many small business owners and entrepreneurs (after all – we’re entrepreneurs and the sky’s the limit, right?), creating budgets is still a vital part of your business’ ongoing success.

A business budget can be your best friend, so this past month our articles focused not on whether or not to create budgets, but rather what types of budgets are needed and how to create them in the simplest possible way.

Budgeting for Your Business – The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Strategy)

Business budgeting allows for the creation of a financial road map to not only see where you’ve been (i.e., whether you are adhering to your budget) but also to provide a clear view of where you’re going as you move forward.

The Keep It Simple Strategy (K.I.S.S.) can help you most effectively create and utilize a budget for your business. The K.I.S.S. principle has been widely used in business, and with entrepreneurs, the simpler the better.

Remember to join us on January 17 for the first Marin Business Forum conference of this year.
We wish you, your family and business team a happy and prosperous New Year as you move forward with your new budgets and goals in 2013!

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