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This month: Human Resources and Staff Management

This month, we wanted to focus on human resources issues and things that business owners and managers should be considering as part of their staffing strategies. The challenge for many smaller organizations is that their HR needs are greater than their staff’s ability to adequately handle them, but their payroll budget is too small to justify a full time internal HR professional. It’s challenging for employers to stay current with the latest staffing laws and regulations, as well as be experts in everything from recruiting to benefits to interpersonal relations. Here are some of our tips on how to better manage your HR, including some thoughts on why you should hire an HR consultant for specific needs:

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Human Resources?

1. Most HR work is project-based, such as developing an employee handbook or hiring protocols, so you may not need a full-time human resources manager. Assess your needs before making a hiring commitment.

2. Smaller businesses almost never have the means nor the need for a full-time HR executive, so often the administrative HR responsibilities are assigned to office managers and bookkeepers. This may work for uncomplicated HR processes, but it quickly becomes inadequate when more complex issues arise, such as employee complaints and sticky terminations.

3. Having an outsider deal with difficult staffing issues, such as mediation and firing, removes corporate politics from the situation and makes it easier on both employees and managers.

4. Hiring a professional HR consultant could reduce your risk of a lawsuit since the external professional is current with labor laws and the dos and don’ts of staff management.

5. Most of all, an HR consultant could save you a lot of money. If you have a small staff with limited HR needs, then calling in a staffing troubleshooter when you need one will be much more cost-effective than having a full-time HR manager.

Create a Career Development Plan

A Career Development Plan allows you to develop your workforce in a way that truly enhances the productivity of your company. Successful workforce planning is not a matter of filling seats with bodies to complete tasks; it is a careful exercise in which company principals plot how each position will support the goals of the company, and how each employee can mature and improve their contributions to those goals. Read more.

Avoiding Bad Hires

Too often, business owners keep unwanted staff too long or for the wrong reasons, and even more often, they make the wrong hiring choice in the first place. Interviewing potential employees is tricky, and there are very few managers who have been trained in effective interview techniques. To avoid bad hires, you need to avoid some common traps that hiring managers tend to fall into. Read more.

Note that Pacific Crest Group also offers recruiting services to help start-ups find the right personnel to build their business.


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