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This month: Focus of the next Marin Business Forum

My vice is the outstanding chocolate croissant they serve at La Boulange. It has a perfect crunch, is light and airy, and the perfect ratio of pastry to chocolate. Over the past few years, I’ve seen La Boulange expand at a rapid pace, opening stores and selling the same wonderful croissant all over the Bay Area. Every outlet I’ve visited (did I mention how much I love those croissants?) seems perennially full of customers lined up to purchase some tasty treats.

Therefore, I was hardly surprised by last week’s announcement that Starbucks had just acquired La Boulange for $100 million.

Starbucks recognized that La Boulange was steadily climbing the Strategic Growth Ladder, and companies that have figured out how to climb that ladder tend to continue to grow at a breakneck pace, seizing opportunities as they present themselves.

Creating a sustainable growth strategy for your business is one of the most challenging and vital tasks of leading your business. To help inspire you, we’re excited to announce that Pete Daffern, CEO of ClairMail, will share his views on Strategizing for Growth at next week’s Marin Business Forum. With his successful start-up track record in business growth and sales, Pete had negotiated a $173 million sale of ClairMail to Monitise plc earlier this year, and the sale of Purisma to Dun & Bradstreet earlier in his career.

The Marin Business Forum features great networking opportunities with top Marin-based entrepreneurs and is free to attend, however, space is limited so please be sure to reserve your ticket now or to read more about the event go to http://marinbusinessforum.com/.

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