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Are You Confident in Your Accounting?

Markets fluctuate and times change, this is even more apparent in the scope of Accounting and money management. Did you know that prior to 1978 that most accounting was done by manual spreadsheets, and it wasn’t until the invention of Visicalc (a spreadsheet computer program) that there was any other option?

Fast forward to today. Accountants are no longer just entering numbers into a spreadsheet; their expertise is enabling businesses to have a partner that can help them grow and make informed decisions. Did you know in the US there are over ONE MILLION employed accountants with even more entering the workforce? The ever changing landscape of business makes having a partner who understands the pathway of economics and finance and how to navigate the future an asset that cannot be ignored.

In addition to interpreting economic and business trends, accounting professionals are trained to give sound advice on strategic goals and operational decisions that will benefit an organization. Consider the benefits of having a CFO, who is crucial in keeping your company ‘healthy’- read how you can outsource or hire an Interim CFO in our blog: Hiring an Outsourced or Interim CFO.

Another important role in any organization is the processing of data and maintenance of a solid accounting system. Imagine this: you have to focus on crucial tactics to grow your business, but there is a long to-do list of running payroll, creating invoices, managing AP and cash flow that is distracting you. What if you had someone there to help and trust? Someone who is dedicated and experienced to handle the bookkeeping and controller role of your business and free you up to focus on your role.
Here at Pacific Crest Group, we have an experienced team that provides all aspects of an accounting department. We’ve come a long way since the first computer accounting software. Imagine what the future will hold with integrated accounting, CRM and payroll systems, with online banking and mobile options to deposit checks and monitor your business KPI’s. Call us to discuss how our staff of accounting professionals can help your business become more successful.
If you like to learn more about the different roles and qualifications of accounting professionals take a look at these two articles below.

Until next month, we wish you the very best and much success in your business.

Note that Pacific Crest Group offers employee development, human resources, recruiting services, accounting and IT services


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