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This month: Removing Roadblocks on Your Path to Success

Please Join Us on Sept 22 at The Marin Business Forum.

This is a personal invitation to you and other Bay Area business owners to join a new event Pacific Crest Group will be hosting every quarter. We are offering you the opportunity to join us for an evening of topic-specific discussions, and networking…all components of “The Marin Business Forum.”

  • Location – Wood Island Office Complex – Auditorium (located to the right of the first floor elevators), 80 East Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Larkspur
  • Date/Time – September 22, 5:00 p.m.


The purpose of creating The Marin Business Forum is to share knowledge and experience from guest speakers, and each other, about running our businesses effectively.

As business owners we find ourselves wearing many hats; going from being the company’s leader…to its sales rep…human resources specialist…accounting guru…web designer…well, you get the picture. Despite leading a team of skilled professionals, at times we may find we allow ourselves to be pulled in too many directions. Through the Marin Business Forum, we will be able to share strategies and identify resources to help us better manage our businesses.

For our first gathering, Pacific Crest Group has brought together three guest speakers to discuss the fine strokes of locating and securing providers of employee benefits such as health insurance…401k investing; and outsourcing support functions such as human resources and accounting to experienced service providers. In addition to having speakers, we want to provide an opportunity for our business community to get to know one another first hand. A strong supporter of The Marin Business Forum is sponsoring wine for the evening, not to mention you will have an opportunity to win raffle prizes too!

If you have topics you would like addressed, and or want to get actively involved in the Forum, feel free to contact Franka Winchester. Given interest and participation, we will host similar forums each quarter, featuring guest speakers who will share their insight and lessons learned on a host of topics bringing value to each of us as local business owners.

Please join us…however space is limited, so please RSVP to ensure availability. http://new.evite.com/services/links/5LDLMKZXDL.

Questions and or comments, please contact:

Franka Winchester, 415-461-2586, fwinchester@pcg-services.com.

This Month: Outsourcing to Build Your Internal Business Systems

Hi Franka,

Effective outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies and build your business rather than focusing your energy on managing back office minutiae such as payroll and bookkeeping. You cannot be an expert at leading your company as well as being a specialist in accounting, recruiting and termination, web design, and the myriad of other day-to-day support functions your business may require. No one can be an expert in every aspect of business, so the advantage goes to the business owner who focuses at a strategic level on their core strengths and income-generating processes, while leaving operational areas to effective outside providers. Find the right resource to help you and leverage the outside provider’s expertise in furnishing specific components to enhance your operations.

The following are a few examples of benefits, and areas where outsourcing to the right experts not only improve your operations, but also allow you to focus on growing your business…

The Rewards of Outsourcing
While outsourcing is a key component of the strategic management of most business, if you are not applying outsourcing options properly, you are not taking advantage of effectively managing your business, thus constraining its full potential. Effective outsourcing allows you to focus on the core competencies you possess and can employ to build your business, rather than focusing your energy on the day-to-day managing of it. Is it reasonable for you to be expected to be an be expert at leading your company toward the strategic vision you established, as well as being skilled in and responsible for the accounting, employee recruitment and separation, web design, and the myriad of other support functions your business requires daily? Read more.

Outsourcing HR Can Give You More for the Money
Do you need a human resources manager? Does it make sense for your business to have a full-time staff person to manage personnel issues, handle benefits packages, and address routine employee challenges? For most small to mid-sized businesses, the answer is “Probably not.”

All companies require some form of human resource expertise to ensure compliance systems are in place, and that the business has the support necessary to address the wide variety of personnel issues that arise; but that does not mean you need a full-time human resources expert on staff. Getting outsourced assistance from a trained professional is, for most, a more sound and cost-effective option. Read more.

Outsourcing Your Accounting Systems to Prevent Fraud
Small and midsized businesses can be susceptible to fraud and or theft, as there is often a greater degree of trust within a smaller employee base. However, smaller organizations do not tend to implement required systems that allow them to recognize and head off such incidents.

The increased familiarity and family atmosphere of a smaller company often promotes a well deserved level of trust with the organization; however, without systems in place, an opportunity exists that may ultimately be perilous, compromising the financial integrity and viability of the company due to even a random act of fraud and or theft. One way to reduce your company’s exposure to these incidents is to implement accounting systems and well-crafted policies and procedures that promote accountability and eliminate room for error and or misdeeds. Such systems also provide clear direction to employees, enabling them to increase their overall understanding and effectiveness. Read more.

IT Auditing Can Improve Security and Productivity
Pacific Crest Group specializes in accounting, billing administration, human resources, and IT consulting. Bookkeeping, for example, has become a computer-intensive process, and software tools such as QuickBooks make our work more effective; ultimately providing our clients with timely, applicable, easy to understand operational data and figures that support the business owner in operating their business more efficiently, and thus competing more effectively.

When a new client engages Pacific Crest to provide IT consulting, we begin with a security audit, which not only allows us to assess data vulnerability, but also determine potential weaknesses and points of failure within your computer network. Network security is primarily concerned with protecting your data assets, but it goes beyond simply making sure you are using anti-malware precautions and locking out cyber-intruders. Read more.

Note that Pacific Crest Group also offers employee development, human resources, recruiting services, as well as accounting and IT support services.


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