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Choosing a right hire: Facts or Fiction

No one can argue the importance of making the right hiring decision for your business. Statistics on workplace productivity prove time and time again that one top performer has the productivity level of three average employees. Yet, roughly 50 percent of the employees hired are considered “good hires.” Setting a plan for successful hiring should include bringing company and employees’ personal goals and potential into focus while pointing both in the same direction.

The information and digital age has brought a variety of new tools and strategies that we can now use to streamline the hiring process. In our recent article 7 Steps to Turn Your Company into a Lean, Mean Hiring Machine, we present simple yet powerful tips and tools for helping you avoid hiring headaches. If your goal is to create systems by which you can most quickly and effectively bring new candidates to the table, then understanding the tools available is vital to your mission. Learning how to choose and use the most effective hiring tools can be a valuable asset in this process.

Once you’ve generated a fine group of qualified prospects, accepted applications, resumes and CV’s, then the time comes for the nitty-gritty hiring process. But how can you assure that both your company and your prospective new hire will successfully achieve your individual goals and meet your mutual expectations? Our article from last week called Creating Win-Win Strategies for Your Hiring Processes examines a few of those valuable strategies.

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