Summer Lovin’

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Let’s start with some major milestones for our employees: congratulations to Veronica and Kayal!
Both Veronica and Kayla will be celebrating their work anniversaries this month, Veronica with 4 years working for Pacific Crest Group and Kayal with 3 years! Since starting at PCG, they have brought tremendous levels of energy and dedication to our team and have repeatedly shown their commitment to PCG’s values with clients and their team members.
We’re also excited to announce our latest hire, Heather Groninger. Heather is the new Director of HR at PCG and oversees the HR needs and corresponding strategy for our clients and our team. Heather has over 15 years of experience directing HR strategy with organizations around the SF Bay Area, including a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Heather’s expansive experience makes her perfect for overseeing the HR strategies of our clients and we are looking forward to the insights that her HR expertise will provide.