Pacific Crest Group & Xledger

With decades of experience and success stories, we at PCG strive to help businesses like yours identify areas for growth. With cutting-edge forecasting software, our team of Financial Consultants determines what areas of your business are ripe with opportunity, which areas are problems waiting to happen, and how to fix them.

We offer CFO services to growing companies to help you focus on key performance indicators, remove overhead costs, and discover new profit centers. CFO services also include a complete accounting team to manage all of your needs and support our Financial Consultants and CFOs. Whether it’s establishing GAAP practices, implementing policies and procedures, improving cash flow, or creating systems to lower costs, we help you maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business.

To take businesses to the next level, we have partnered with Xledger, a leader in automated accounting software. Xledger empowers organizations across industries with cloud-based financial management solutions. Trusted by globally proven audit firms BDO and PwC, Xledger provides the market’s most automated and unified finance solution to 10,000+ customers in 60+ counties. Their solution brings order to your financial world so that you can run a leaner, more powerful finance department. An IDC Major Player, Xledger has also been named a Representative Vendor by Gartner.


Xledger’s market-leading automation enables you to recover time, save money and eliminate costly errors. Free your finance staff from up to 75% of manual processes, and cut your average audit times in half.

Xledger arms your decision-makers with the robust BI tools they need to extract insight from real-time data. Eradicate reporting delays and make faster, more confident decisions than ever before. In Xledger, you can handle the entire inquiry process in a single flex screen.

Xledger’s true cloud solution will scale with your organization. Turn opportunities into business and grow to the limits of your ambition; you will never run out of Xledger’s cloud finance capabilities.

Xledger serves all customers on the same software instance to maximize efficiency and minimize waste across its customer network. Access Xledger from anywhere at any time and on any device, even in low-broadband regions.

Xledger swiftly and updates seamlessly, configuring to your needs rather than customizing at your cost. Its personalized services have earned the industry’s highest lifetime customer retention rate. With 20 years of experience serving users across business functions, Xledger’s expert consultants will partner with you to transform your finance department.

Xledger’s true cloud solution has earned the highest security certifications available, including ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402. You can go remote without fear and add new business units with ease, confident that Xledger will protect your data like its own.

“The insight we receive from Xledger is one of the greatest features of the system. We have automated our billing, expense process and bank reconciliation just to name a few. With Xledger all of your numbers are real time. We are not looking at two or three different systems in order to figure out what the numbers might be today. We are not waiting until the end of the month for numbers the insight is all right there.”