Small and Mid Sized BusinessCFO Services

Part-Time and Interim CFO’s To Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

Don’t let your finances keep you from the success you want.

We’re a local Bay Area business that provides you with temporary CFO’s to help you get your finances in order. Our CFO’s have years of experience, and work with you to understand your business goals to provide the advice you need for current and future growth. Managing your business is hard enough. Managing your finances doesn’t have to be.

Our CFO’s can help you:

    • Conduct project feasibility and profitability studies
    • Analyze potential return on investment (ROI) of business opportunities
    • Prepare financial presentations and representations for management and board members
    • Evaluate merger and acquisition opportunities and recommend courses of action
    • Manage fund raising and capital needs for growth
    • And much more to help keep your business on track

Let us help you grow your business
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“PCG addressed all of our accounting,

finance, HR and IT challenges – which

allowed management to focus on business

growth and improvement….”

Doug Crawford, COO – Crimson Consulting

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