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Welcome to Pacific Crest Group. When getting to know us, a good place to start is to understand our purpose. Why do we do what we do?

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Accounting Services

It’s not just about writing checks and entering deposits. The insights to business finances go well beyond what has been. It’s what is going to happen that defines success. Your companies finances should’t be any different.

6 Cash Flow Strategies to Improve Your Business

We know what you’re thinking. “How can I get more cash flow into my business, especially now?” As the captain of this enterprise, a few tweaks to your accounting practices can provide calmer waters ahead.

3 Core Functions of an Accounting Office

The greatest challenge of being an entrepreneur is being all things to all aspects of your business. Here we unravel a few mysteries about the different functions of an accounting department and help you determine what you need to get to that next level.

The 7 Tools for Your Ascent to Lasting Leadership

Whether you’re financially, creatively, or technically intelligent, adding emotional intelligence to your toolkit will help you ascend into the elite circles of leadership and provide you with the skills to manage every relationship along the terrain.

Navigating Remote Work

As companies return to the office and accelerate reopening plans, many have had to establish new policies around remote work and flexible or hybrid teams. To embark on the right path to happier and more productive teams, you will need to utilize a GPS. We aren’t talking about your standard global positioning system, but a method of grounding your company culture in a Group Performance System.


PCG Human Resources Consultant and Senior Advisor, Katrina Fehring, visits the Commercial Landscaper Podcast and discusses some of the most pressing HR issues most companies have faced in 2020.


PCG Co-Founder, Franka Winchester, appeared as a guest presenter on FlyCloud Consulting’s webinar, “Business Best Practices for Surviving a Global Economic Crisis,” where nine experts shared actionable tips across sales, operations, HR, finance, marketing, IT, and security.

Cultivate Your Outsourcing Ecosystem

In today’s “gig economy,” it seems that just about everything can be outsourced to a human, a software platform, or a robot. So how do you know when your business needs assistance from an outside party to achieve maximum efficiency? There are a few simple steps to finding the answer.

Overcoming Barriers in Your Business: Manual Processes

This webinar demonstrates how automating certain core functions can help you streamline processes, improve profitability, and scale your business. Join Pacific Crest Group team members, Co-Founder TJ Van Voorhees and Senior HR Advisor & Partner Katrina Fehring, as they share the benefits of automation, specifically in the areas of accounting and human resources. Automate your business and thrive.


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