Legal Compliance Consulting

The last thing you want is to become another cautionary tale of a business that faced legal consequences. You could leave things as is, but why take the risk? We make sure that you are fully protected and meet compliance standards throughout your business.

HR Compliance Standards

Misclassification of employees, sexual harassment, social media policy, I-9, and EEOC. Just a few of the many headaches when it comes to maintaining HR compliance. We’ll create all of the policies and materials you need to never have to worry about this ever again.

Proactive Methodology

Just because we implement policies and procedures doesn’t mean we stop there. We take a proactive approach to constantly measure, communicate with employees, and evaluate materials to ensure you’re constantly in-line with best practices and standards.

Requirements, Requirements, Requirements…

Whether you know it or not, compliance in accounting is filled with endless requirements. It’s really hard to keep track of them all, but you don’t want to break federal laws or regulations. We make sure you meet all financial reporting standards– no headaches, no mess. 

Maintaining Accounting Compliance

We balance your books, do your taxes, and do all the other little things that are necessary to meet regulations.