Culture + Talent Management

Employee Onboarding and Career Paths

Do you really want to spend time creating employee handbooks, new hire checklists, and training programs? We’ve done this a thousand times, and will build processes that are consistent and proven to get your employees up-to-speed faster.

New Hire Onboarding

22% of staff turnover happens in the first 45 days. By building consistent and engaging onboarding processes, we decrease employee turnover and initial job dissatisfaction. You’ll have a more engaged, productive workforce that will build your brand for years to come.

Training and Career Path Planning

Implementing training and development programs that actually stick is rare. However, it’s proven that learning programs lead to a happier and more productive team. We’ll take the time to interview your team and test various learning methodologies to ensure that you get the highest engagement and adoption rates of development programs.

KPIs, Performance Reviews and Succession Planning

Align employee performance to business goals, while creating contingency plans for retirements and exits.

Employee Performance Plans

We establish KPIs that correlate directly with employee performance and the growth of your business. Our unique approach to KPIs ensures that you constantly zero-in on the “big picture”, and every employee is aligned with your greater growth strategy.

KPIs, Performance Reviews and Succession Planning