Startup Accounting

From part-time CFO services to basic accounting, your startup requires early financial guidance. Our startup accounting services offer on-demand support from a hand-picked team tailored to your needs.

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Support for Startups

What You Can Expect

Accounting and Financial Services

Whether you need a part-time CFO or basic accounting, your startup needs early financial advice. Our accounting for startups provides on demand services from your very own hand-picked accounting team.

Internal Controls and Infrastructure ​

When it comes to setting up your startup, we focus on building a foundation. We build your internal infrastructure to create consistency, ensure compliance and prepare your business for the future.

Financial Strategy for Startups ​

We define project objectives for your business and create a financial strategy to free-up your time to concentrate on other areas. You’ll receive a grounded financial strategy that will lead to better decision making and lower risk.

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From Startup to Growth

As a startup, you have one thing in mind — growth. We give you a part-time accounting and financial team that helps you address early warning signs, while helping you establish healthy growth in preparation for an IPO or your next phase.

Early Growth Accounting Services

Going from startup to growth is a big step. We make sure we monitor and develop your budget; create Board and investor presentations; manage costs and cash flow; establish KPIs, all while building investor and VC relationships.

Prepare for the Future

See the big picture. Financial insights, KPIs and reports help you align your strategy with business goals. As your partner, we want to see you grow and provide you with all the tools to do so.

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