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Strategic HR and Accounting Services

The PCG Advantage

From comprehensive financial and HR solutions to expert guidance, we empower your journey to success. Our tailored services and strategic approach can elevate your business trajectory and position you for unprecedented growth and profitability.

You’ll discover:

  • Comprehensive Services: Financial consulting, strategic support, and meticulous reporting.
  • Efficiency: Efficient accounting assistance and seamless payroll management.
  • Tailored HR Solutions: Full-scale HR solutions customized to your needs.
  • Productivity Boost: Surge in productivity and streamlined operations.
  • Expert Guidance: Positioning for remarkable growth and profitability.
20 years hr and accounting services

What our clients are saying

“I am very grateful to have the PCG team support my business in the functions of finance/accounting. The process and communication are smooth, I can count on fast response and turnaround for requests and the team is looking out for my best interest. My systems are efficient and cloud-based and I know at all times where I stand in relation to the financial health of my business.”

Michael Gray, CEO at Socratic Technologies

“PCG took us from a founder/owner-run law firm to a well-oiled machine that has allowed us to have a better handle on our finances, better work-life balance, and capacity to expand. Top-notch, personal customer service, and excellent expertise. Highly recommended.”

Nicole Howell, Partner at Clark Howell

“PCG has set up systems and processes that make the accounting function of our business a seamless process. The team is great to work with and look out for our best interests. Their response rate and advice is always very timely and professional.”

Jonmarie Maloney, Owner at Glass Concepts

Unlocking Potential and Streamlining Success

Full Service HR & Accounting

Our experienced Financial Consultants provide innovative strategies tailored to your business, guiding you towards data-based decisions that drive growth and boost your bottom line.

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We manage the accounting process and uncover strategic financial opportunities, leveraging years of experience and cutting-edge tools like Live Plan for precise forecasting. Gain insights into potential areas of growth and solutions for potential issues before they arise.

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Access professional financial guidance without committing to a full-time CFO. Our CFO services match you with seasoned professionals who optimize key performance indicators, control overhead costs, and identify new profit avenues. From financial reporting to fundraising, our team supports your day-to-day operations with world-class expertise, ensuring compliance, improving cash flow, and lowering costs for sustained success.

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Our outsourced HR Consultants ensure your business has clear processes in place for focused leadership, culture development, and compliance with federal and state regulations, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.

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From talent management to organizational alignment, we assist in building career plans, managing performance, and promoting your mission to engage and inspire employees, while streamlining procedures for consistent HR structure and compliance.

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We guide you in creating competitive compensation and benefits plans, fostering a positive employee experience to retain top talent. Our expertise in HR compliance ensures legal adherence, streamlining payroll operations and mitigating risks for your business’s long-term success.

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