A Guide to Managing and Firing Toxic Employees

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Toxic Employees: A Guide to Managing/Firing Difficult Employees

Every manager has had to cope with a toxic employee at one time or another. These are workers who just don‘t fit with the culture of your organization, or who can‘t prevent their own emotional baggage from spilling over into their professional lives. These employees can be a problem, not necessarily because of poor performance, but because their toxic attitude has an impact on their co-workers. Like a disease, a toxic worker can infect your employees, their productivity, and eventually your entire organization. Negative attitudes can spread like a virus, affecting other workers who lack the fortitude or understanding to see what is happening to them. The toxic employee spreads dissent and others become victims of the virus because they can‘t discriminate between antagonism and negative criticism. Ultimately, toxic employees can undermine any team efforts that are essential to company growth.

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How to Fire a Toxic Employee