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Employee Benefits

Invest in Your Most Valuable Resource

Employee training and development is more than being handed a job description and a list of procedures and shadowing another employee for a few days or weeks. Professional training programs deepen employee knowledge and provide a sense of empowerment and engagement, allowing a culture of trust among the employer, employee, and the entire team.

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Human Resources

Management and Motivations

Poor management and lost productivity from employees who are not engaged in a company’s success cost huge sums of money, according to a recent Gallup

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employee holiday time off management
Human Resources

Managing Holiday Time Off

Around this time each year, your company’s calendar fills up with everyone’s rush to cash in the rest of their time off. You’re stressing out.

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Creating Financial Policies that Work

Policies decentralize decision-making so no one has the power to bend the rules. Policies also promote consistent operations, so the same procedures and protocols are used for all situations. And financial policies promote transparency and accountability.

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Creating a Communications Contract

The communications contract is a system that offers a set of concrete steps that inspire people to accept responsibility, so they can be held accountable in order to succeed at their jobs, and that makes them feel part of something bigger.

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