Adopting an Open IT Strategy Increases Office Productivity

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Client Challenge:

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) is frequently asked to step in to address IT problems that impact office operations. In the case of one of our professional services clients, they needed to revise their networking strategy in order to increase productivity. As a creative team, the company’s staff needed to come together to brainstorm and to work offsite with clients in strategy meetings. The challenge was their computer network wasn’t structured for remote access and employees were tied to their individual workstations. When we came in to assess their computer network we also determined that the client had no backup system for disaster recovery.

The PCG Solution:

In the case of this particular client, the solutions were fairly straightforward. We were able to create roaming profiles and remote access redirects so users could securely access their files from any computer in the office, or when they were out of the office – anywhere there was Internet access. We also installed a network backup system to protect client files, email, accounting data, and other files.

This client is typical of most entrepreneurial companies who are facing computer challenges. PCG is usually called in address problems that seem common to all businesses:

• Routine operational concerns, such as crashing computer systems, slow network performance, recovery from a virus attack, a malfunctioning printer – the list is endless.
• Disaster recovery and concerns about data protection. It’s amazing how few companies have a backup strategy in place for business-critical data, or a means of recovery if they lose Internet access.
• System relocation, including breaking down the entire computer networking and migrating it safely to a new location.
• Application integration, such as adding a new accounting or CRM system and making it work properly, and productively.
• Expansion, including bringing on a new department or connecting to a new remote location.

The challenge for many smaller organizations is making the commitment to proper IT support. They need to be willing to invest in new purchases when needed and add systems to enhance productivity. They also need to be willing to relinquish control and accept IT support from people with the proper expertise.

Where PCG Created Client Value:

• Enhanced productivity creating roaming profiles for secure, remote access.
• Added a network backup system to protect business-critical files and email.
• Added policies and procedures for network maintenance and backup.
• Provided ongoing, on-call support to make sure the network continues to operate smoothly.