Attributes of Outstanding Human Resource Managers

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We recruit for attitude and train for skill.”  Atul Gawande

Talent management is paramount in business.  Businesses live and die by the employment decisions they make.  It is vital to have Human Resource (HR) managers that can effectively onboard, integrate and retain key employees.

We have identified seven common skills all excellent Human Resource managers have in common.  They are vision, ethics, expertise, organization, communication, conflict resolution, and change management.


Every member of the business from the first hire to the most recent employee must know the vision, mission and long-term goals of the enterprise.  It is the primary responsibility of the HR team to make sure all employees and independent contractors act in alignment with the firm’s systems, strategy, and service policies.  Business growth, innovation, and development initiatives are at the forefront.


All HR managers are entrusted with sensitive company and employee information that must be kept confidential at all times.  Executives balance between doing what is in alignment with the organization’s goals and acting as a trusted advisor to employees.  Both the employer and employees’ needs must be fulfilled in a trustworthy and meaningful way.  Discretion in all matters is imperative.


Industry and legal knowledge are the minimum requirements.  Being viewed as an expert by Senior Executives as well as employees is essential.

A deep understanding of the company’s culture and objectives is mandatory.  All standards must be applied with diligence, efficiency, and professionalism.  An attitude of life-long learning is crucial for success.


Strong time management, prioritizing, documentation and delegation aptitudes are indispensable.  Digital and technological abilities are imperative.  Have metrics in place to measure your progress and stay focused on the most important tasks.


Human Resource personnel should possess exceptional writing, listening, and presentation skills.  It is critical for them to be able to communicate complicated concepts, laws, regulations, and procedures with clarity, effectiveness, and confidence.

Increasingly, this is even more evident in the digital world.  Email, Social Media, Websites, Multimedia (video, podcast, and Webinar) platforms, Mobile Applications, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are more important now than ever.

Conflict Resolution

It is normal for people with different personalities to disagree sometimes on the best course of action.  Team members must be able to work together to maximize productivity.

It is the HR manager’s job to find common ground.  Diffusing potentially tense situations comes with the territory.  The best solution is always one that serves all the parties involved.

Exercise good judgment and decision making aptitude by knowing when to ask for help from colleagues, attorneys, and specialists.  This is a sign of strength and an indication of the depth of your experience.

Keeping everyone on track is the primary directive.  Teamwork, collaboration, motivation and inspiring others to constantly improve their performance is the end game.

Change Management

The Philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant.”  Human Resource professionals must be flexible and adaptable at a moment’s notice.  Planning for the unexpected is a major requirement for leaders.  Contingency plans should be standard operating procedure.

Doing the same things over and over will always yield the same results.  Creativity requires taking calculated risks for the benefit of everyone.

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