Benefits of Increasing Employee Loyalty

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In a joint study conducted by Organizational Behavior Professor Jeffery Pfeffer and Professor Stefanos Zenios of the Stanford Graduate School of Business along with Professor Joel Goh of the Harvard Business School, it was found that companies must manage the health of their workforce in order to control their health care costs and remain profitable.  They published the following findings of the study in “Insights by Stanford Business:”

“Employees who reported that their work demands prevented them from meeting their family obligations or vice versa were 90% more likely to self-report poor physical health…Employees who perceive their workplaces as being unfair are about 50% more likely to develop a physician-diagnosed condition.”

Have a Clear Purpose

Lack of a clear purpose for your business can destroy the initiative of your teams and wreak havoc in your company.  Communicate where you want the organization to go and motivate your teams to consistently work towards fulfilling your company’s mission.

Use Best Practices in Your Recruiting and Hiring

Hire people who have the skills and knowledge your company needs as well as the attributes that align with your organization’s culture.  Performance management is a valuable retention tool.  Make the work environment a place where people feel valued, trusted and respected.  Give your employees incentives to align their personal goals with company objectives.

Develop Strong Working Relationships

New hire orientation is more than a one-time event.  It should be designed as a system for acclimating and integrating new employees into your company’s unique culture and way of doing business.  The most effective way to build a successful team is to be aware and responsive to the needs of your employees.  Make it a point to stay in constant contact with them about their performance.  Do not ignore signs of trouble and encourage them to learn from their past mistakes.

The posting “Does Your Company Culture Foster Innovation” by Pacific Crest Group (PCG) outlines a proven method for creating the right type of environment to grow your organization.  The system is based on letting your teams enjoy free time between projects to re-energize, provide plenty of learning opportunities and support them in making their own decisions where appropriate.

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