Founding Principles of Successful Teams

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“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”  Swahili Proverb

We believe companies must function as highly result oriented teams to thrive in today’s global business ecosystem. The benefits of this approach include more realistic goal-setting, better decision making, outstanding innovation, and the highest level of performance possible on each project.

The best team leaders have a deep understanding of how productive their teams are based on results.  Leaders must be constantly asking themselves what is functional and dysfunctional with regard to our systems and processes.

The founding principles of successful teams are trust, clarity, alignment, commitment, accountability, creativity, conflict resolution, and achieving results.

Build Trust

We believe trust is better earned than expected. It is not a matter of technique; it is one of character.  People are trusted more because of what they do than what they say.  Let your team members know they have been heard and act on their requests.  When you make a promise, be sure to fulfill it.  Ask for feedback frequently.

It is the responsibility of the team leaders to cultivate the confidence of their members.  It is impossible to motivate teammates and attain their respect without trust.  It is a two-way street.

High levels of assurance shared between team leaders and members generate longer member retention, exceptional morale, strong loyalty, increased productivity and heightened profitability.

Trust grows when team members are willing to be vulnerable with each other.  They must have confidence that their fellow members’ intentions are good and helpful.  Team members need to take the time to gain deeper insights about themselves and their teammates.  They must be transparent about what they feel are their limitations.

Increase Clarity

Clarity starts with the team leader and permeates throughout the entire organization.  Does everyone have a solid grasp of the team’s goals?  Ask your team members what are their goals with regard to completing a specific project. How are people performing relative to the achievement of those goals?  Ask questions consistently throughout the process.

Establish Alignment

Once everyone is clear on the goals, determine whether each goal is aligned or opposed to each other throughout the business as a whole.  Objectives can be misaligned depending on the desired outcome of each goal.  For example, if sales goals surpass the production department’s ability to fulfill orders timely, customers may get frustrated and leave.

Inspire Commitment

Commitment requires the ability to move forward with the agreement of the team especially those who may have initially disagreed with the decision.  Successful team members know they must commit even when the outcome may be uncertain.

Be Accountable

Full accountability for each team member is based on establishing effective guidelines, policies, procedures, and practices.  There must be straightforward, positive and logical reasons for each of the team’s actions.

Reward Creativity

Does the team have the talent it needs to complete its goals on time and on budget?

Team leaders should be strategically surrounding themselves with people who are strong in abilities they are not as proficient in.  Exceptional leaders encourage their team members to work alongside them in achieving high productivity, increased profitability and unsurpassed growth for the organization.

Resolve Conflicts

All sustainable relationships are built on resolving conflicts in order to grow.  The process of conflict resolution is the best way to find the most powerful solutions in the shortest period of time. It is imperative to encourage all team members to contribute their best ideas and to put them on the table for open discussion.

Achieve Results

The ultimate goal of each team is to achieve the desired results collectively agreed upon.  One of the biggest challenges to team success is learning how to operate in a dynamic, vibrant and diverse work culture.

How We Can Help You

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