How to Hire Extraordinary Employees

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The success of your company depends on your employees.  Each person you hire either raises the probability of achieving your goals or lowers it.  The best way to guarantee the growth of your company is to have a solid hiring system in place.  Your system needs to be as well planned as launching a new product, introducing a new service or developing a long-term strategic plan for your company.

The three most crucial pieces of your hiring process are knowing the skills required for the job, testing for those skills and involving the right people in your hiring process to make the best decision possible right from the beginning.

Know the Skills Required for the Job

What are the top four skills a person must have to succeed in this position? Describe the education, experience, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors a candidate must exhibit to thrive in the job.  Talk to people who have been successful in this position in the past. Interview the people they came in contact with such as their supervisors, customers, vendors and peers to find out why they were considered outstanding.  What did they do or not do that put them on a higher level in comparison to other people who have held the same or a similar position in the past?

Skills Testing

Test the people you are about to hire to make sure they have all the skills needed for the position.  The tests can be written, role playing or “hands-on” projects.  If the job requires selling, take them on a sales call and watch them do the selling.  If writing is required, have them do some writing projects for you.  The tests do not have to be complex.  They need to be designed to prove to you without a doubt the person you are considering hiring has the necessary skills and attitudes required to excel in the position over the long-term.

Involve the Right People

Make sure candidates have an opportunity to talk with the people they will be interacting with on a consistent basis as much as possible.  This will give you several different perspectives of the candidate.  How they interact with your team members now can be a significant indicator of future performance.

Taking your time in the hiring process is critical to making the right decision from the outset.  Rushing your decision can be a recipe for disaster.

Bay Area Talent Report

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) prepared the “2016 Bay Area Talent Report” to help you navigate the current hiring maze.  The report breaks down the employment market by industry including Sales, Financial, Technology, Administrative, Management, Healthcare, Architecture, Engineering, Education and Science.

The report gives you detailed information on potential candidates in the workforce, employers currently competing for employees, the number of jobs posted and average posting duration for those positions.  It also gives you statistics on recruitment indicators such as demand pressure, competitive intensity and current market salaries.

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