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Every now and then we use a product that we fall absolutely in love with. As an outsourced accounting and HR service organization we use a number of different solutions from Quickbooks and Xero to Netsuite. The latest product that we’ve loved has been to drive our outsourced recruiting, and that product is HireMojo. [Disclaimer: We currently use and love HireMojo]

What is HireMojo?

HireMojo is a recruiting and hiring tool designed to make finding a hire as easy as possible. The tool is geared towards small and growing businesses, but can easily scale to meet an increase in hiring demands while still keeping the process simple and streamlined. The product has been making serious waves in the startup world, and is considered to be one of the greatest innovations to happen in the HR industry.

A Real All-in-one Hiring tool

When we say it’s an “all-in-one” hiring tool we mean it. HireMojo offers a solution from start to finish. It includes a library of job descriptions with performance data, enabling you to choose the ones that are statistically proven to find a hire in the fastest time possible. HireMojo’s entire approach to hiring is data-driven, and selecting a job description is no different. You can choose them based on metrics such as time to find the hire, number of candidates, time to accept and offer, etc.

job description

Once you choose your job description you can then customize it based on your unique needs, update company information, and then follow that up by choosing online interview questions. This is where we see some of the best value in HireMojo. The online interview questions allow you to automatically pre-screen candidates based on unique requirements, so you can forget about those wasted hours reviewing unfit resumes.

online interview questions

You can then use the online interview questions to get answers relative to skills and cultural fit. This ensures that when you make a hire you bring in the the most qualified person for the job, and also the hire that will result in higher employee retention rates (because of better overall fit).

Once you’ve chosen your job description and interview questions, then you’re ready to post your job. We love HireMojo’s job posting capabilities! It let’s us automatically post our jobs to premium job boards such as Monster.com, use social networks like Linkedin and Facebook, use Sponsored Ads on Indeed, and more for a single flat fee. You can’t get more distribution than HireMojo without having to spend hundreds or thousands more!

hiremojo job stats

After you post your job, then the candidates just come rolling in. I mentioned that online interview questions before, but now that you have the job posted is where you see this feature really at work. What HireMojo does is automatically pre-screen and score applicants to highlight the most qualified ones for your open position. I cannot explain how much value there is in this feature. And of course HireMojo doesn’t stop there, but also provides complete applicant tracking and management. This lets you schedule interviews, followup calls, send offer and rejection emails, and manage the complete flow of applicants.

HireMojo – The Benefits in a Nutshell

Although HireMojo is not the prettiest looking solution on the market, it makes up for it in spades. The one issue we ever encountered with the platform was the user interface looks a little outdated, however this does not impact the performance and robustness of the platform. When I first started using HireMojo, I found some slight issues figuring everything out, but once you get used to the layout it’s amazing. I’ve also been assured that HireMojo is working hard to release a new user interface within the next few months, which will be amazing.

Overall, HireMojo has all of the features you’ll need for any recruiting or hiring you plan on doing. You’ll save time throughout the hiring process, make your life easier, and save yourself quite bit of money on your hiring costs. we recommend HireMojo to other growing businesses, and if you’d like some more information, then I highly suggest speaking to a member of their team and taking a free demo at the button below.