Five Imperative Roles of Extraordinary Startup CEOs

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“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren Bennis 

Given that only ten percent of startups survive, being a Startup Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a daunting endeavor to say the least.  It is a rare breed indeed.  The most successful attributes consist of a select mix of talent, skills, knowledge, and behaviors which are displayed in distinctive ways by different people.

Many argue that a Startup CEO position is even more challenging than being a leader of a large, established corporation because the Startup Leader does not have the vast resources available that an executive of a large organization enjoys.

We believe a successful Startup Executive exhibits strong leadership skills as a Visionary, Strategist, Architect, Engineer and Technician. 

Although no one is perfect in every area, we have found their mastery in each discipline is ideal in comparison to other types of leaders from this elite group.


Without a clear, vivid, and convincing vision, stakeholders will not follow you.  It must be big, bold, courageous, inclusive, and shareable.  The Startup Chief Executive Officer must describe the vision with passion and fortitude.  They do this instinctively because they are phenomenal storytellers.

Startup CEOs envision building a business as a journey, not a destination.  Each individual’s journey is different.  They hold the vision with integrity and persistently move it forward for the whole world to see.


Exceptional strategists encourage communication, challenge assumptions and create an environment that enhances the future.  They focus on current issues and their consequences.  Strategists are persuasive and consistently deliver compelling, innovative presentations that succinctly describe their vision.


Outstanding architects are first and foremost team builders. They are experts at choosing the best people for the right roles.  Architects complement his or her team’s natural abilities.  They are fantastic at inspiring and motivating teams to reach their peak performance.  Architects lead by example without exception.

Being more interested in building a culture than just a company, they know the dangers of micro-managing and avoid it at all costs.  Architects are resourceful by definition.  The word “failure” is not in their vocabulary.


Great engineers are extremely knowledgeable about their industry.  They are well- versed in industry best practices. They carefully weigh the risks involved in each possible course of action.

Engineers are credible, determined, focused and have a keen eye for detail.  Having developed highly refined listening skills, they are transformative in their approach and quick to adapt to inevitable change.


Prodigious technicians are extremely results oriented.  They are resilient and naturally act with confidence.  Technicians set realistic goals guided by powerful metrics to measure progress towards the fulfillment of their objectives.

They are unsurpassed at designing and implementing vital systems and processes that constantly exceed expectations.  Technicians exhibit impeccable responsibility and accountability with regard to their work product.

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