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Employee training and development is more than being handed a job description and a list of procedures and shadowing another employee for a few days or weeks. Professional training programs deepen employee knowledge and provide a sense of empowerment and engagement, allowing a culture of trust among the employer, employee, and the entire team. 

Value the Growth Mindset

Targeted training programs support and grow skills within your workforce and demonstrate to your team members that you value them as employees. In today’s fast-paced environment, technology is rapidly changing, and workplace strategies are evolving, so your employees need to align and upgrade their knowledge and skills. Employer-sponsored training courses are among the best ways to boost performance and efficiency and achieve professional growth.

Put Safety First

A robust safety training program ensures compliance and meets your state’s or industry’s legal obligations. It’s important to inform workers and managers about hazards in the workplace and set standards and protocols so that they can work more safely and be more productive. Safety training can reduce workplace accidents and injuries, thereby minimizing disruptions, stress, and fear and promoting a culture of safety and well-being. It can also provide specialized training when the work in your industry involves unique hazards. Another bonus is that with a greater understanding of safety in the workplace, workers and managers can help identify other areas that may contribute to the safety of employees. 

Ensure Quality Leadership

Employers, managers, and supervisors may need specific training to ensure they can fulfill their roles in providing leadership, direction, and resources for the safety and productivity of all employees. In some cases, leadership members can develop skills to help them succeed in their role or specific HR skills, such as payroll administration procedures or effective communication and conflict resolution. These can improve processes and procedures, streamline performance, build strong relationships, and resolve workplace issues efficiently.

Eliminate Sexual Harassment

One of the key ways to protect your employees is mandatory and regular anti-harassment training. Creating a safe environment for employees is critical to employee satisfaction. Whether legally required or not, it’s necessary to address. A great start is asking yourself if everyone in your organization knows what sexual harassment is. Do they know what to do if they experience harassment directly or witness sexual harassment as a bystander? In an appropriately designed training program, employees are trained on what constitutes sexual harassment, how incidents are reported, how investigations are carried out, and what remedies are available to individuals who experience harassment. In addition, training reduces your company’s legal risks and liabilities, and you retain compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Where to Start

Amy Freet, HR Consultant at Pacific Crest Group, shared, “The feedback I’ve received from company leadership regarding offering Learning and Development training courses to their team has been fantastic. Companies feel good knowing they’re giving their team an interactive opportunity to grow and become more knowledgeable about the topics that interest them. Even the compliance trainings are great learning tools, and some have even called them fun!”

There is no question that training programs can lead to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and improved employee satisfaction. Quality training can also foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and learning. In partnership with TrainingToday®, the Pacific Crest Group team helps deliver the ultimate training flexibility with high-quality course content created by in-house subject matter experts. From basic first aid and performance appraisals to diversity and disaster planning, you can browse our course catalog for our specially-designed bundles for supervisors and employees. Investing in employee growth and development will yield a more productive and effective workforce propelling your company to succeed.

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