Nonprofit Excels at Building Community

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“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

This nonprofit is dedicated to providing challenged workers with the opportunities and support they need to make substantial contributions to our society.  They recognize each individual has special gifts and talents.  Community building and integration is their mission.

Identify Opportunities

Employment laws are difficult to manage for any business. The rules can be complex and confusing.  Our client’s staff was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burned out from dealing with a growing number of HR related items in addition to their work toward community outreach.

Senior Executives were looking for ways to take pressure off of their managers without reducing the high-quality service they were dedicated to providing their clients.  They did not want to risk losing key employees.

The client wanted to apply employee policies and procedures with more consistency and dependability.  This proved difficult to do because most of the work was being done manually rather than electronically.  Their manual system was slow and significantly increased the probability of making errors.

Implement Solutions

Leadership felt the best solution was to outsource their Human Resource (HR) functions so employees could concentrate on providing the excellent care they so passionately deliver.

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) supplied the integrated approach they desired.  PCG quickly assessed their needs and built trust with their executives and management. Pacific Crest Group consulted with the Executive Director to make sure all their HR goals were addressed and the outsourcing transition was seamless and transparent.

Managers were trained on what to do and why things needed to be done in a specific way.  Their employee handbook was updated to ensure all current labor laws and regulations were complied with fully and completely.

All Human Resource policies and procedures are now applied uniformly.  For example, performance evaluations are done every hundred-twenty days as well as annually to make sure employees are clear on what is expected of them and understand what they need to do for advancement.  Career paths are planned well in advance and understood by all parties involved.

Celebrate the Rewards

The client feels secure and comfortable in knowing their HR responsibilities are being handled by experts.  They consistently follow PCG’s advice and enjoy the benefits of having independent and objective counseling throughout the process.  The organization’s culture has improved as a result of implementing the new procedures.

Employees appreciate asking Pacific Crest Group professionals questions directly about their individual circumstances and goals.  All advice is given for the mutual benefit of the employer and their employees.

Since PCG is able to provide both accounting and HR services, assigning these responsibilities to Pacific Crest Group continues to be of great benefit to the client.  New processes prevent information from being lost or overlooked.  Everything is constantly being checked and cross-checked by two departments working side by side.

Being proactive about preventing mistakes is much easier now due to the more accurate and dependable resource planning tools provided by PCG.  Ongoing maintenance, updates, and improvements to the client’s systems are performed frequently and consistently.

How We Can Help You

Pacific Crest Group (PCG) provides professional services that keep your business focused on your critical objectives.  We provide strategic Accounting and Human Resource (HR) services created specifically to help you meet your goals. Through exemplary customer service, clearly defined policies and procedures as well as a forward-looking perspective, we provide the outsourced solutions your business needs to grow. A PCG professional is happy to meet with you to discuss solutions for your unique requirements designed to maximize all of your business opportunities.


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