Winter 2014

New Hires for PCG teams:
Our company has been growing rapidly over the last few months. We would like to introduce Jehanne De Walque and Brad Kennison as our new Accounting Managers & Controllers leading our accounting teams. Susan Burnett joined us as an Advanced Accountant. Our HR department has added Katrina Fehring as a Senior HR Advisor. And last but not least, we would like to welcome Adrienne Robertson in the role of a Bookkeeper, and Andrew LaPorte as a new Accounting Associate.

New Consultant to expand Strategic and Executive Services:
We would like to welcome Susan Jackson as a Senior Analyst/CFO Consultant. With over 20 years of financial and business management experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from various roles to deliver proven results. She has performed as a consultant for major hospitals to architectural and engineering firms, helping clients increase revenues, reduce costs and optimize business operations.

This winter, we celebrated the Birthdays of Veronica, Eric, and Larry. Quite an amount of decadent pastries were consumed! Happy Birthday!

Gift Exchange:
Every year, PCG throws a light-hearted gift exchange during the holiday season. It’s always fun to see the gifts that resurface! Not many turn up more than once, but the record for our office is now three years with a well-aged box of red wine. Our office is a little fearful of tasting it, perhaps that’s why it is continuously re-gifted and never enjoyed!

Marin Business Forum:
The January event was a huge success. Speaker Dean Karnazes captivated the audience with his commitment to physical endurance, and the similarities he found in being a successful entrepreneur and long-distance runner.


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