Tips for Improving Employee Retention

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According to a report by Gallup, 70% of the American workforce is disengaged. With such a high level of disengagement and the prevalence of social media, you can bet that your disengaged employees are also evaluating one of the many offers that recruiters are sending their way. How many offers is it going to take before you lose one of your prized champs at your company?

If you’re one of the many managers who think your fresh new hires aren’t in danger of becoming disengaged, then think again. And if you think it’s already too late and you’re going to lose your employees, then think again! It is never too early or too late to get your employees engaged or to recognize your employees for their hard work to increase your chances of retaining them.

Here are our tips for retaining your top performing employees:

  1. Make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of their role in the organization, what is expected from them, and how their work impacts the company as a whole. Include these details in the job description for extra clarity when hiring.
  2. Boredom is your worst enemy. Your most talented employees most likely possess many skills, so when they’re hyper-focused on a single task they may experience work fatigue. Avoid this by taking advantage of their wide skill sets and allow them experience other jobs in the organization or collaborate on projects that involve multiple departments so they can get the extra mental stimulation that they need.
  3. Don’t just leave your employees hanging. Provide everyone in the organization with the tools that they need to succeed. It’s not enough to just know the strengths of your employees, you also need to understand that they may need certain software or other tools to do their job.
  4. Have clear channels of communication. Make sure that everyone in your organization has a clear understanding of company goals and that they are regularly updated with any changes or shifts in the metrics needed to reach those goals.
  5. Publicly recognize your employees for great performance, and give personal encouragement when needed. The “high-five” was invented for social recognition. It’s a flashy motion, high in the sky, with a loud thunderous clap when performed correctly. It draws attention. Don’t be afraid to give your employees a high-five for being awesome at their jobs.
  6. Don’t be afraid to let go. When I say “let go” I don’t mean let go of some of your control. Allow your top performers to start to develop and cultivate their own talent within the organization.
  7. Give some flexibility. Avoid employee burnout by letting them work off-site every now and then. Letting them have a change of scenery will help them stay be more productive and let them know that you care about their well-being and happiness.
  8. Reward high-performance. Have your employees consistently been going above and beyond and crushing their numbers? These are the employees that you can’t risk losing. if they continuously perform at a high-level don’t be afraid to give them a raise before the year is up. Yes, performance bonuses are great, but most employees, especially your young talent is going to be looking for that salary bump. You’re better off giving it to them early if you know they’re worth it, otherwise someone else well.


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