How to Write an Executive Summary

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“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”  Warren Buffet

An Executive Summary highlights a company’s purpose and goals for the future. Whether you are putting together a business plan or an investment proposal, it acts as the introduction to your endeavor.

The tone and style of the writing is an important factor in the reader’s decision to learn more about the venture and set up a meeting with you. Your synopsis should hold the reader’s attention, facilitate understanding, and quickly communicate your value proposition.

It is essential you succinctly describe, in one or two pages, how your team will solve a specific problem.  An effective way to structure your overview is to touch on the most important sections of your business plan.  The highlights must be so captivating and enthralling that people cannot help but want to be involved.

Start with the Elevator Pitch

When creating your preview, it may be helpful to think of it as a written elevator pitch. It is important to include only the crucial parts of your strategy.

The most important element of the brief is the first paragraph.  It must be so intriguing readers cannot wait to continue reading.  As they progress, it is important you boldly describe how people can help you fulfill your objectives.

Do not make your explanation too broad or complex. Describe your expertise in a credible and efficient manner.  Most businesses can be described in a few simple sentences; it should not require multiple pages.

Emphasize Product Uniqueness

Once you have explained what your company does, tell the reader why your business will succeed. What is different and exciting about your company that will distinguish it from others in the same industry?  If you have specific intellectual property, superb partners or a fast growing customer base, make sure to include these features in your review.

Just having an idea and a business plan is not distinctive enough to convince someone to participate in your vision. It is important to highlight the extraordinary characteristics of your organization and how they will benefit potential customers. Without an unusual product or service, it will be difficult to attract investors.

It is important to impress the reader with your proof of concept. No matter how much potential your enterprise offers, if your solution is not perceived as new and innovative, people will lose interest rapidly.

When trying to persuade potential investors with the merits of your plan, it is important to emphasize a sense of urgency.  Why should an investor participate now? Enumerate how your products or services are new, innovative and compelling.

Tell a Captivating Story

Why is this important to you?  What are your core values?  Talk about the uniqueness of your approach.

How will your initiatives impact the community?  Each story must describe the culture of your organization in an authentic and attractive way.

Close with a Financial Summary

After describing the attributes of your offer, include a brief financial summary. Why do you need the money? What are the potential risks and rewards? No one will invest in something when the use of the money is unclear. Make sure to state what the investment will be used for as well as how it will help your business grow and become more profitable.

The executive summary is a launching point.  It should present the primary advantages and benefits of your enterprise.  Generating stakeholder engagement is the most important objective at this stage. It is imperative your conclusion be so convincing prospects will be clamoring to take part in it.

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